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5 Small Business Start-Ups or Side Hustles You Can Start While Studying at University

    Although attending university is generally seen as an adventure to most there is still the issue that the real world needs to be provided for to not only make your free time much more enjoyable but also to keep yourself fed and warm.

    The best way of doing this other than relying on the bank of mom and dad is to get yourself a job. However, with everybody else also vying for the same job this can be hard, so perhaps your best bet is to start your own side hustle or small business that you can either choose to continue and grow after you leave university or can decide to dissolve in favor of your new career.

    #1 Dog Walking

    There are always plenty of working people that would like to have their little bundle of fluff taken care of while they are at work, whether it is by taking them for a sniff during the daytime or in the evening depending on when the owners are at work.

    This, of course, has a few benefits:

    • Gets you out in the fresh air
    • Can give a much-needed break from routine and studying
    • Can provide you with an excuse to perform some exercise

    You may need to take out an insurance policy just in case something happens to the dog while it is in your care, such as if it runs away or if it bites someone and of course, you are going to have to have a fondness for dogs.

    #2 Door Dash Deliveries

    With so many people being so busy and preferring to reach for their phone to order food rather than cook it themselves, there are always openings for Door Dash delivery people. This is something that you could easily fit around your studying and your coursework as you will find that most of the orders are received for evening delivery.

    You will have to have some form of transport, whether it is a motorcycle, car, or bicycle to get the food to the customers while it is still hot and fit for eating.

    #3 Buying and Selling Online

    You can choose to buy and sell items online. Money can be made by buying wholesale items or job lots in bulk and then selling the items in packs of ones, twos, threes, and so on. There is a multitude of different types of items that you can buy and sell in this way including jewelry, stationery, gardening equipment, beauty products, toys, collectibles, clothing, and consumables. You are going to require an account on sites such as eBay and social media platforms amongst others, and in some cases, you may very well have to go and collect your items in person rather than having them sent through the post. However, when it comes to eBay shipping, you can get your eBay wins shipped to you, and of course, you can ship your sold items out in the same way too.

    #4 Professional Blogger

    With so many businesses moving their presence onto social media platforms and yet so many of them not knowing too much about what they are doing or even having the spare time to create interesting content for their viewers to read, there is an outlet for setting yourself up as a professional blogger.

    It is more than likely that you have your own social media profile across possibly quite a few different platforms so know businesses are trying to connect with those individuals that are scrolling through the posts. It also means that you are aware of how these businesses come across and exactly how they could improve their posts and blogs to get their desired audiences to engage with them. Of course, blogging does not start, nor does it end with social media, and there is a multitude of websites that also require regular blogs and posts to be added to keep them relevant and up to date as well as interesting for their visitors to read.

    #5 Affiliate Marketing

    There is also the option of setting yourself up as an affiliate marketer. In most cases, you will require a website so that you can post relevant content which will reflect the businesses and products that you are an affiliate. Many businesses offer the opportunity for people to become their affiliates. You’ll find that what you will get out of being an affiliate will change from business to business as will the reasons for your pay. Some businesses are just happy to have the click-through from your link to their product, others however will want a sale out of the transaction before you get your pay.

    In saying this, certain types of businesses will provide you with much higher rates of payment than others, such as luxury holidays, cosmetic surgeries, luxury yacht hire, or sales are going to pay much higher returns for their affiliates than office supplies or any mass-produced consumer goods.

    To Wrap This Up 

    You are likely going to require a little bit of extra money to get you through your studying years but the way that you choose to earn this money should not put your studies or your qualification at risk.

    This is when it is a good idea to get yourself earning in a way where you are the boss and can choose your own hours so that you can still concentrate on your university course.

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