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Activate Ulta Gift Card : Do I have to activate my Ulta Gift Card or Ulta eGift Card?

    You can purchase a ULTA Gift Card at any ULTA store, online at and, or from authorized retailers. These ULTA gift cards are available online through as well as ULTA Gift Cards, as well as eGift Cards (individually”Cards, “Card,” and together, “Cards”), are accessible in all denominations up to $500, and other than promotional Gift Cards or eGift Cards, they do not have an expiration date.

    The ability to utilize the ULTA Card as a Gift Card or an eGift Card for purchases of other cards and Ultimate Rewards points is not redeemable to buy cards.

    The purchasers of ULTA E-Gift Cards are accountable for providing an accurate and valid email address to recipients during payment and checkout processes on No refunds are offered in the event of eGift Card purchases sent to the wrong, invalid, or inaccessible email address entered by the customer.

    Gift Card Redemption

    Note that only one gift Card per order can be used to pay for an Ulta Beauty order online. Gift cards cannot be used or exchanged in cash for any amount unless legally required.

    To redeem the Ulta Beauty Gift Card in-store, just bring in the Gift Card when you make a purchase. To save the Ulta Beauty Gift Card on, enter the Gift Card number and the PIN in the payment section when you check out. The PIN code will be located on the reverse of the gift Card underneath the silver and black scratch-off layer on the bottom. One Gift Card per order can be applied to the Ulta Beauty purchase online.

    To redeem the Ulta Beauty eGift Card in-store, you must show an Original eGift Card email printed with the eGift Card number and PIN. Present it when doing shopping. For redemption of the Ulta Beauty gift Card at, Enter the number of the eGift Card number as well as the PIN when you pay at the time of checkout. The E-Gift Card can be used on the Ulta Beauty online order.

    How to Use Ulta Gift Card Online

    While gift cards began as a method of payment that you could purchase in-store instead of credit or cash, the growth of internet-based shopping and the increasing popularity of online shopping is why they are often used on the internet and at physical retail stores, namely colocations. Ulta gift cards are employed in-person or on the web through Ulta Beauty site,, for all requirements for your cosmetics, skincare, and general body needs.

    Purchasing with the Ulta gift card on the internet is a straightforward and quick process that can be accomplished in three easy steps:

    Check out Ulta Beauty’s official Ulta Beauty site at to create an account if you still need to register an account. You must complete the registration process.
    Check out the items at the Ulta website and add items you wish to purchase into your cart.
    If you’re prepared to pay, head to the checkout page. When you arrive, you’ll discover a box labeled “Gift Card In this field, you will be able to enter the Ulta gift card’s number along with the PIN on the reverse side of the card.
    When you’ve completed entering all required information about the gift card, hit the “Apply” button. The amount of the gift card will then be subtracted from the price of the order.
    Suppose your purchase price is greater than the value currently on the Ulta gift card. In that case, it is possible to offer a different method of payment to pay the remainder of your purchase, like using a credit card or an electronic payment system such as PayPal.

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