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An Error Occurred While Chrome Was Searching For Harmful Software

    In addition to the problems caused by malware, the most significant one is browser hijacking and other related issues with browsers. This is why Chrome has come up with its scanner for malware, which checks for malware all over the system. In certain instances, users get the Search unsuccessful error in Chrome when using the malware scanner.

    Solution: An Error popped up When Chrome Was attempting to find harmful Software

    Important Note: Back your bookmarks, all of your bookmarks, and other essential data before following the directions below.

    • Clean Your Cookies and Cache
    • Go to the Chrome menu, and then select History twice.
    • Go back to Clear your browsing information.
    • Choose the appropriate period and click the Clear button.
    • Start your web browser.
    • Go to Advanced Select Reset and clean up, and then click Clean up your computer.

    Google Search fails error on Chrome.

    However, you may experience the Search unsuccessful error on Chrome when you run malware scans. The two leading causes of this error are an out-of-date browser version or damaged browser cache and cookies.

    Google Chrome is regularly updated with security updates as well as other features. Older versions from Google Chrome might not even contain the capability for the malware scan, and even outdated versions may not be equipped with the most recent security updates. In this case, the malware scan won’t be beneficial, and you could encounter the Search unsuccessful error on Chrome when using the malware scan feature.

    • Update Chrome
    • Make sure to update Chrome to the most recent version. The latest Chrome build can resolve your CleanUp Tool problems. Go to the menu, select Help, select About Google Chrome and update the browser.
    • Scan Your System
    • Start your antivirus and perform an extensive scan. If you find that the Chrome Application Data folder contains malware or is infected by malware or ads, the CleanUp Tool may have trouble getting rid of the malware. If malware or adware is deeply embedded within Chrome, this browser might require assistance from your antivirus to eliminate the issue.

    Reinstall Chrome

    The installation of a new copy of Chrome resolved this issue for many users.

    • In the beginning, you must obliterate Chrome. Visit Control Panel, click on Uninstall an application, choose Chrome, and click on the Uninstall button.
    • Then navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Google and delete Chrome. chrome-program-files
    • Go to C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local.
    • Select the View menu to unhide the files that are hidden.
    • Afterward, go back to the root folder in Local Apps\Google and delete Chrome. chrome-local-app-data-folder
    • Be aware that your computer could show an alert that says it cannot delete some files. It’s OK; you can disregard the warning.
    • Start your PC.
    • Install Chrome once more and then download the browser.

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