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Are There Any Substitutes For Decline Bench Press?

    Visit any gym and you’re likely to see that the benches presses stations are all used. The same is true for the decline and incline stations. This can be a bit annoying when you’re in the middle of a chest exercise. The most important thing you don’t want is to spend your time waiting, loosing the intensity of your workout and your pumps. There are, however, options, particularly in the lower version that is the bench press.

    If you go to the gym, it is essential to always have a backup plan in the event that your primary exercises aren’t on the schedule. This is especially true in the case of training during the typical rush hours before and after work hours. This article will present you with six options for the decline bench press so that you do not be forced to stand in the middle when the benches for decline are all complete.

    What is a Decline Bench Press?

    Before we dive into the different exercises, let’s start by explaining the decline bench press and what it does. This will allow us to identify the alternatives that are coming up!

    In the most basic of ways declining bench presses are an ordinary bench press workout, however it’s with an upward slope. The exercises for bench press are designed to increase upper body strength with a focus on the shoulder, chest and tricep muscles. In addition, it is more flexible than its exercise counterpart, the floor press, because the higher elevation of the bench allows users to extend their arms farther in the back.

    The bench is lower at either a 20 or 30 degree angle to the head, making it an incline bench.

    This exercise targets all the muscles that a regular bench press targets however, it places a particular focus specifically on pectoral muscles. If you’re trying to work more muscles other than the upper body’s immediate muscles it is the best exercise to accomplish that.

    It’s an excellent alternative.

    A seated press lets the pectorals to move throughout a wide range of motion, which is in line with the natural movement of muscles fibers. It also allows early phase loading which is the best fitness curve for chest exercise.

    Decline Dumbbell Bench Press

    I believe that the bench press with decline dumbbells is easier to set up than the barbell model, and I appreciate how you can move the dumbbells with a more accessible range of movement, allowing you to work those lower chest muscles more effectively.

    The only drawback to this particular exercise is that at a specific time when you’re using heavy dumbbells, it’s possible to require a trainer to put the dumbbells into your hands in order to begin the motion.

    How To Do It

    Lay down on a decreasing bench press, and begin with dumbbells that are on the opposite side of your chest.
    Straighten your arms, making sure you press on your sternum (not the face)
    Return the dumbbells to their starting position by using a 2-sec eccentric tempo
    Many bodybuilders prefer to turn the dumbbells around at the top of their range of motion to strengthen the chest’s inner and lower muscles more. This is like rotating the dumbbells to make your pinkies are touching on the highest point.

    Muscles were worked


    Step-by-step how-to

    1. Set up a standard 30-degree incline bench behind an incline pulley double cable approximately 5 feet away from the stacks of weights.
    2. Place the pulleys at the shoulder level while sitting.
    3. Get the cables and sit at the table.
    4. From a position of starting with your elbows at shoulder height From there, push your arms forward and then together until your hands are in contact.
    5. In reverse, repeat.
    6. Do four sets of 6-12 repetitions.

    Equipment used
    Double pulley cable machine

    Weighted Chest Dip

    When you do chest dips and keep your lower body in around 60 degrees it’s hitting those hard-to-reach lower pecs. To perform this exercise you’ll require an incline bar or dip machine, however, any two objects that are stationary will work perfectly.

    Begin by placing your hands on each bar and your arms fully extended, and your legs
    bent in a way that they won’t rest on the floor as they are lowered.
    For a better focus on your lower pecs, hold your lower body at an angle around 60 degrees
    throughout the entire course.
    Begin to lower your upper body to a point where your arms bend to about 90-degrees,
    ensuring that your back is straight.
    Bring your arms back until they are back to their starting position , and then do additional repetitions.

    Cable Machine Crossover

    The crossover of the cable machine, in a fitting way, requires a device to work effectively. Mainly the cable machine crossover requires a machine with two cable attachment points on opposite ends, as well being able to use cable attachments for one-handed grips for example, ropes with small handles.

    It is first recommended to make sure that you set the resistance of every individual cable or pulley at an acceptable level in particular if the person exercising has never done an exercise that involves a crossover cable. Although it is not very difficult to hurt yourself doing this exercise but it is still recommended to start with a lighter weight to help acclimatize the participant to the move.

    For the first time, the person exercising is required to stand in the center on the device, with both hands extended either side, grasping the handles for the cable attachments in both hands. By putting their core in place and laying their feet to ensure balance the person exercising will pull their wrists to the front, allowing their arms to bend as usual to their body.

    Is Decline Bench Easier Than Flat?

    You are able to typically lift more weight with the lower bench presses than that of the bench press with flat sides. The decline bench press is where an average user should be lifting approximately 1.2-1.3 times their body weight. For the flat bench press, the average person must be lifting about 1.1-1.2 times their body weight.

    Can Decline Bench Press be Replaced by Flat Bench Press?

    If you’d like to maintain an exercise like the bench press as part of your routine, however you do not have access to the proper equipment for performing the bench press with decline it’s still possible to work similar muscle groups using the straight bench press.

    But, remember that your physical therapist or your coach has recommended that you do the bench press decline to improve the activity of the lower section of the pectoralis major muscle.

    Although the bench press flat can still stimulate this part of your chest to a reasonable extent, it’s not the main focus of the exercise; therefore, it isn’t as efficient as the variation with a decline bench press in enhancing that specific portion muscle.

    Final Thoughts

    An excellent decline bench press alternative is a model of the same type of movement like you do the declining bench press, or utilizes the same muscles, like your lower pecs. Many options for declining bench presses mentioned here are exercises that can also be performed as part of a muscular chest routine.

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