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BBL Before And After Pictures

    Find out the possibilities that Mayberry Plastic Surgery will offer you! Check out our before, and after photos below that show various Brazilian butt Lift procedures carried out by board-certified Albuquerque doctor Dr. Aaron Mayberry. Over the past 20 years, Dr. Mayberry has successfully done Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, which includes fat transfer to help fullness. Contact the Albuquerque Office to talk about your cosmetic goals and issues.

    The Preoperative phase or the period of preparation

    Potential patients with Brazilian buttlift (BBL) mustn’t be enticed by increasing the weight to increase fat harvest volume. In reality, the weight gain could be detrimental to the outcomes. Because when you gain weight, you don’t earn more fat cells but increase the size of your fat cells. The increase in the size of fat cells leads to more fat cells popping as the small holes in the cannula suction them.

    Patients are instead advised to ensure that they’re at their ideal weight. The weight you are comfortable with is one you don’t need to be stressed out about to maintain. This will ensure that the improvements that follow surgery are kept for the long run. Another crucial aspect to consider will be your food. It is not a good idea to be on a diet or be undernourished during this journey. Keep in mind that the starving body will search for sources for nutrition throughout your body. This is not a good idea immediately after surgery when the body fat cells try to grow and grow in size instead of being expected to produce energy.

    The Operative stage, or the actual procedure

    Optimizing BBL results depends on the use of the VASER system to maximize the harvest of fat and maximize fat transfer’s viability. VASER technology permits the harvesting of more than two times the amount of fat taken with conventional liposuction methods. Furthermore, the VASER technology ensures the highest fat viability due to the emulsification process to eliminate fat with less force. Additionally, Dr. Mowlavi utilizes the Buttocks Assessment Tool to assist him in achieving the precise buttocks form and size that you would like.

    The Postoperative phase, or the recuperation period

    Patients must follow the strictest instructions following surgery to ensure that surgery results aren’t lost. This includes the rigorous use of compression garments and custom foam inlays that permit maintaining the contoured liposuction areas and the protection of fat cells while moving into their new hips and buttocks.

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