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Can You Facetime With Android

    FaceTime is always only available to users of Apple’s proprietary ecosystem, which has led to the delight of those who don’t use iOS and want higher-quality audio and video. In a fascinating turn of events, Apple has released iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and macOS Monterey updates in 2021 and is losing its hold on its products. It is now possible to utilize FaceTime with any browser available using your preferred Android smartphones and computers. Apple users can choose these browsers to be their default applications. This is quite a step, as Apple doesn’t permit the removal of their native apps.

    While this aligns with the rumors of Apple’s big strategy to let third-party app stores open its closed garden, it’s unlikely to happen soon. It’s the perfect occasion for Android and PC users to experience the everyday life of an iOS user without committing fully to the app store. Follow these steps if you’d like to call your loved ones and relatives using FaceTime from your smartphone.

    What is FaceTime? FaceTime works for Android as well as PCs.

    Apple hasn’t yet launched the FaceTime application for Android or PC users. Therefore, it’s not possible to download the app through any store online. Numerous websites claim to offer FaceTime APKs, but they’re false and include malware that can harm the device. The only method to utilize FaceTime is to connect it through the default browser. However, there’s an issue. It’s not possible to initiate a FaceTime call from your phone. Instead, you can join a call when the Apple person starts the conversation and shares the link with you. You can open your browser by clicking it, allowing you to join the conversation.

    It’s okay to have an Apple ID, but you need to give your name in order so that people can recognize the person you are. If you’re concerned about the privacy of your information, choose your real name. Indeed, FaceTime only provides some of the features available to Apple users. It offers essential functions like microphones and camera features, full-screen mode, and a switch between the front and back cameras. Screen sharing and SharePlay cannot be used since your gadget isn’t an Apple device. You can’t also utilize Memoji stickers and filters. You can also apply filters or use the FaceTime screen capture button. If you want to capture pictures on your monitor, make it happen by hand.

    What exactly is FaceTime?

    We should first examine the details of FaceTime and how it functions.

    FaceTime is Apple’s video as well as audio call service. The service was first introduced in 2010 for iPhone then in 2011, it was available for Mac. The service is accessible on any supported Apple device, including iPhone, iPad, Mac, and iPod. Any user of these devices can contact anyone with any compatible device because they possess an email or phone address linked to the other person’s Apple ID.

    Do I have the ability to use FaceTime for Android?

    FaceTime is a proprietary program; therefore, Apple decides where you can access it. In the past, FaceTime was exclusively available for Apple devices. But, in an unexpected step for Apple users, it has now made it possible to access FaceTime for other platforms like Android, Windows, and different media.

    Since September 20, 2021, FaceTime has been made available to Android. But there isn’t a FaceTime app to download from the Google Play Store or Microsoft Store. Google Play Store or Microsoft Store.

    Anyone with an Apple device must create the link that invites you to join a FaceTime call. By opening this link, Chrome or Microsoft Edge will let you connect to the conference using an interface on the web. Unfortunately, you can’t initiate a FaceTime call from Android for the iPhone, but you’re restricted to joining calls the Apple person sends to the ring.

    Don’t let Apple’s walls restrict you.

    FaceTime is the most straightforward audio and video call app for Apple users. It comes with loads of exciting options. SharePlay allows you to watch and listen to audio or video content using callers via compatible apps. You can also use SharePlay to share your screen and facilitate working collaboration if you’re not an Apple customer and can only access this experience once you upgrade to iOS. This is a giant leap, particularly if you’re financially capable of purchasing an Apple product. If you’re not keen to utilize FaceTime for a while, consider some of the numerous free video call apps you can use as a substitute.

    What’s FaceTime? What is the Android Version of FaceTime?

    There are several alternative apps to chat via video using Android.

    Google Meet

    Although Google Meet is mainly meant for use in offices and businesses, it can be used to make video calls. It has outperformed the previous Google video-calling app, Google Duo, which has been canceled in favor of Meet.

    It is also possible to use Google Chat, an instant messaging application in Gmail inboxes. All you require to access Google Chat is a no-cost Google account.

    The Google Meet’s free plans have 30 minutes to video calls. But it is possible to change to a paid plan to make calls for longer.


    Skype is a no-cost video-calling service that lets you make telephone or video calls on your mobile or computer device. One person can be called or initiate a group chat with family members and friends worldwide.


    Zoom is still one of the most effective video calling choices for iOS and Android users. It was designed to allow conference calls and screen sharing, which is helpful for education and business-related purposes. Free versions support 40 minutes of calls and a capacity of 100 people. However, premium plans can be purchased for sessions that last longer.


    WhatsApp is arguably the most effective user interface available for mobile phones out of all the Android and Windows alternatives to FaceTime, as well as boasts the security aspect as the main draw. The app is designed for something other than corporate usage (or calls that are more than eight users); however, it is an excellent integrated messaging, call, and video-chat platform for people who travel internationally. The owner of Meta has integrated several of WhatsApp’s functions into Facebook Messenger and Instagram, allowing users to call and video chat using those apps.

    Making a FaceTime Call with an Android or a PC

    Making a video conference using your web browser requires minimal effort and time. You may need to communicate with other participants in the video phone call before the start of the call to make it correct. Make sure to follow these easy instructions if you’re an Android or PC user participating in a FaceTime chat:

    Step 1: Check if you’re running your device’s latest version of Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. If you are using an older version of either browser, it might not be able to support calling.

    Step 2: After you have received a link that invites you to join an acquaintance’s FaceTime chat, tap on the link. It will make your Internet browser open automatically.

    Step 3: The device will prompt users to type in your name. It is essential to type in something easily recognized to be welcomed into the area. After entering your username, you can press Continue.

    Step 4:The fourth step is waiting until you can join the conversation. It is possible to join FaceTime via a web browser once someone accepts you. The screen reads, “Waiting to be let in.”

    Step 5: The individual who invited you to join the call must accept your participation in the conference. After this is done, it’s time to FaceTim with your buddies!

    Tips for joining FaceTime calls from an Android or PC

    Consider these essential considerations when participating in FaceTime. FaceTime video call via the web:

    Battery life: FaceTime can drain your device’s battery. You should ensure you are charging your device before taking FaceTime calls.

    Data: You may use FaceTime with Wi-Fi and cell data. Rates for data may be applicable even if you don’t have internet access.

    Controls: If you intend to shut off your camera or your microphone for the duration of the call, alter these settings before hitting the green Join button.

    Security: Always ensure you know who’s scheduled to take the phone. It is the most crucial way to ensure your deposit and safety.

    The Final Line

    We have listed the following applications. The other apps are available on your store and downloaded to their devices for free. So, you now know the way to make FaceTime calls between iPhone and Android. We hope that Apple introduces FaceTime to Android users in the future so that Android users can also enjoy the fantastic video and audio call app FaceTime.

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