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Charger For a Sony Vaio Laptop

    The Sony Vaio laptop charger section has 80W, 64W, and 90W versions. Sony Vaio power cord models differ in the dimensions and shape of the connector’s tip. Therefore, you should use your battery and the model number of your computer to ensure that the charger you choose will work with your particular device. For your convenience, Compatible models are available on the product pages of each charger. You can also make use of our search bar to search for your computer’s model number and locate chargers that work with your device.

    Normal Questions

    My pet rabbit chewed away my charger adapter, and the replacement cost $130.

    I was wondering what chargers for replacement are appropriate for laptops?

    My laptop: Sony Vaio svF15213CDW
    charger adapter: VGP-AC19V76, ADP-45UD
    Input 100-240V ~ 1.2A
    Output 19.5V, 2.3A

    I’m also curious about what the acronym ADP-45UD mean? I found several on eBay with the same model number; however, they had ADP-45CE instead of -45UD.

    the best option for this kind of laptop

    The most critical pieces of information about the defective adapter are:

    1) Output Voltage (19.5)
    2) Output Amperage (2.3)
    3.) The Centre-pin The Polarity (usually Positive +)

    A replacement adapter has to match all three of the above.

    It must match the primary voltage in the country of concern.

    For more information and assistance, visit the following websites. ac adapter 19.5v

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