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Dark Mode On Tiktok For Android?

    Anyone who’s around nowadays is obsessed with changing into dark modes on all social media platforms they can. If you’re viewing white backgrounds with black font, then you’re still living the old days. If you often do early-morning and late-night scrolling on the couch dark mode is an absolute lifesaver. It’s a great eye-saver at least.

    Therefore, naturally, when people learned that TikTok had begun rolling out Dark Mode, there was just one option to make a change immediately. But for Android users, this was a lot more difficult to do than accomplish. At the present, Android users are probably familiar with getting the shorter edge when it comes to the latest applications and features that are available for these apps. But is that the same in the case of TikTok Dark Mode?

    How do I Switch On TikTok Dark Mode on Android

    As of writing at the time of writing, which is in June 2022 TikTok is yet to make available the in-app dark mode available for Android devices. If you search the Internet in search of it, you will not find any details regarding the existence of this feature.

    However, there are indications that beta testers got the dark mode option on their Androids. Even if that’s the case, however, if you download the app through Google Play, you won’t be able to find any dark mode options. In no way.

    Given that TikTok recently introduced dark mode support in the most current version of iOS I’m sure Android will be able to get its own shortly. Patience is the keyword in this case.

    Does TikTok have a dark mode?

    But it’s important to keep in mind that some phones aren’t capable of support for dark mode therefore if this option isn’t offered to you, you might have to wait until it’s available in future updates.

    Launch TikTok.
    Click on the “Profile” tab located in the bottom right corner.
    Click on the three lines in the upper right-hand area of your page.
    Click on ‘Settings and Privacy’ after which scroll to the ‘Content and Activity Section.
    Click to open the Dark Mode tab.
    Choose ‘Dark.’

    Dark Mode On TikTok For Android Users

    We can say that dark mode doesn’t significantly alter the experience on the experience of TikTok. It only shows the light mode when you go into the Discover Tab or if you go to the comment section.

    Dark Mode will soon be accessible via TikTok shortly for Android users. The only option you have right now is to keep your faith and patiently wait for the release date.

    Steps To Turn On Dark Mode On Android Device

    Even even if TikTok hasn’t yet released its dark mode option to Android fans, however, you can enable darkness mode for your device. Follow these steps:

    Step 1: Open Settings.
    The Settings (Gear icon) in your phone by tapping it. The app immediately launches to the settings of your device.

    1. Tap on Accessibility.
      Scroll down until you reach an Accessibility button.

    Step 3: Visit the Display.
    If you select the Display option, switch to activate Dark Mode. Dark Mode.

    This is how to turn off dark mode on your Android device.

    Does Android have a dark mode for TikTok?

    Although most apps have authentic Dark Mode compatibility, TikTok’s not widely used. If you’re using the Android smartphone, then you’ll have to be running Android 12 to even get Dark Mode — called Dark Theme on Android.

    How do I obtain TikTok in dark mode for iPhone

    1.) Log into Your TikTok Profile and then tap the three dots in the upper right-hand corner.

    2.) Under “Content and Activity” Tap on ‘Dark mode’ ‘… evidently.

    3.) Choose ‘Dark’ from the available options, and off you go.

    You may also choose that TikTok’s darker settings be compatible with your display and brightness settings on your device. To access the iPhone’s Display and Brightness settings go to Settings and then go to Display & Brightness’. You can switch between Dark or Light or make a schedule that changes automatically according to the time you have set.

    If you select “Use settings for your device on TikTok it will be matched to any setting that you have on your smartphone.

    Why is it that you can’t modify your TikTok design?

    The most prevalent issue in these cases is a faulty OS version running on your device. None of the strategies discussed above can help until you update your operating system and then change the theme.

    Another issue could be a faulty version of the application itself. Make sure you update TikTok and test switching the theme once more.

    You can also install an application that will allow you to make color-inversion possible. If the design of the app isn’t changing it is likely that the issue lies due to old editions of operating systems, or the app itself.

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