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Doe’s Airplane Mode Save Battery? (Yes, BUT…!!!)

    If the flight attendant asks you to turn on your cell phone or tablet in Airplane Mode, don’t balk. Go ahead and do it. It’s true; it’s suitable for the airlines and your gadget.

    A little explanation first, In an area where you can’t have a solid mobile connection, the phone is continually searching for signals. This process consumes battery power and is among the reasons it can drain your phone’s battery quickly.

    When you fly, and your phone cannot locate a tower it can connect to, it will search for one. Certain phones come with an automatic battery saver feature that regulates this, but it can take approximately 30 minutes before it kicks into. The 30 minutes of that can drain your battery significantly. The best option is to switch your phone to Airplane Mode. This will prolong the battery duration of your phone.

    We’ve all been in situations where we’re trying to squeeze every bit of battery juice out of our smartphones. Sometimes, turning off and plugging into the outlet isn’t feasible, which is why we’re forced to work with the Battery we’re left with. A popular suggestion was given to those trying to prolong the life of their phones is to switch their phone to airplane mode to conserve battery. The idea behind this is to ensure that your phone is running for a longer time, meaning that when you require it, it’s readily available. But will this trick perform, and is it worth the effort?

    Yes, Airplane mode can save Battery by preventing your device from constantly seeking mobile towers in the vicinity. However, this mode isn’t without cost. You’ll be unable to connect with other devices or connect to the Internet. The app also blocks your device from making calls and receiving texts.

    Take out the Android smartphone, iPhone, iPad, or even a Windows 10 PC, and you’ll find an airplane mode switch on their menus of shortcuts. But what exactly is the airplane mode, and what exactly does it accomplish? What are the best ways to utilize it to your advantage for your PC or phone?

    The reason you own a smartphone is to be aware of the frustration of watching its Battery fail just when you’re aiming for your next milestone or have to call Mom. Modern displays and advanced phone technology make a lot of demands on the Battery in your device. However, you can still squeeze out the maximum amount of life possible by adjusting your habits on the phone and taking advantage of the features built into Android and iOS.

    Can Airplane Mode Save Battery?

    The airplane mode can technically help preserve battery life as the phone will not spend time connecting to other devices since it’s virtually entirely offline.

    It has nothing to do with the nebulous purpose of airplane mode; however, it is more because, with so many features that are commonly used to your smartphone, it’s unlikely to be doing many things behind the scenes like accessing cell phone towers or trying to find Bluetooth and WiFi networks.

    With less activity happening on your phone, there’ll be fewer processes running that could drain your Battery, giving the impression that your smartphone is keeping battery life alive.

    Airplane mode will indeed help you to extend the life of your Battery. The different radios on your phone consume lots of energy. They frequently send notifications to apps over WiFi, talk to Bluetooth mobile towers and other devices, and verify your location.

    The airplane mode has its drawbacks. You’ll be cut entirely from the outside world while you’re in airplane mode. The method can be turned off and on over the day to reduce the amount of Battery you use is a great way to ensure that your phone’s Battery remains running when you need it. However, you’ll need to turn the mode off for a long time to make an effort worth it. In other cases, your phone comes with a battery saver mode which will restrict certain functions but not wholly shut your connection to the outside world but still preserve an adequate amount of Battery from a drain.

    For more precise numbers, studies have shown that airplane mode can typically save approximately 8% of your Battery’s power that is depleted in the same timeframe in the absence of airplane mode.

    Another study has revealed that for a short period and with activities that generally consume about 10 percent of the Battery switching the phone to airplane mode and trying to complete the same task results in the phone only dropping a few percentage points instead of the entire 10.

    This all consumes a significant amount of energy, so turning them off in one go is an excellent method to ensure that your phone is running for longer. Since your phone isn’t doing the same amount of work when it’s in airplane mode, it can also charge more quickly.

    What is Airplane Mode?

    Airplane mode is often referred to as airplane mode or flight mode. It is an option that is available on almost all laptops, smartphones, and other similar devices. When you enable plane mode, it blocks the transmission of signals from your device. There’s an airplane icon in the status bar of your phone when it’s on.

    This feature is called airplane mode since numerous airlines have banned wireless devices in their planes, mainly when they take off or land. There’s some debate about whether smartphones could interfere with airplanes’ radio equipment. However, most people believe it’s better to err in the direction of caution.

    Make use of the screen less, or at a minimum, lower the brightness.

    The device that draws the most power in your phone with a substantial percentage is the screen. The more you use it for, say, checking Facebook or streaming Netflix messaging with friends, etc.–the more quickly your battery will drain. If you’re worried about running the battery down too fast, reduce the time you’re using the phone (that is, when the screen is in use). The more time your phone stays in your purse or pocket, the longer its battery will last.

    Of course, a lot of the tasks you purchased a smartphone for will require a screen. However, a quick and straightforward modification that will help prolong the Battery’s life without much hassle or bother is to cut down the time until the phone switches off its screen. This change will reduce the time your phone’s screen is turned on throughout the day.

    Are you able to receive calls or Texts while in Airplane Mode?

    Your phone doesn’t have a connection to the cellular network. If someone calls you, and your phone is turned off, it will connect to your voicemail just as if your phone was off. You’ll receive texts that were received while in airplane mode when you switch it off.

    If you’re using WiFi calling, However, you don’t be able to use this feature. Your mobile and your carrier should be compatible with this feature, and you must allow it to make traditional SMS messages and calls using WiFi.

    Why should you use airplane mode?

    Airplane mode is the most-loved method for those trying to squeeze the most life from their phones as they can and have good reasons for it. As mentioned previously, the primary function of the airplane mode feature is to ensure your device doesn’t cause issues during travel. However, there are other motives to use the feature, in particular, to conserve Battery. It is logical to cut off all the connections that are usually operating on your phone could enable the phone to run less Battery.

    It is possible to use airplane mode to do several other tricks as well. It is possible to put your smartphone in airplane mode and then check messages on apps such as Facebook and WhatsApp without prompting the read receipt, thus letting users off that you received the message. Some have suggested that the feature capture images and videos for Instagram and Snapchat without the apps notifying the person who posted that you have taken their post. Some recommend using airplane mode for troubleshooting any connectivity issues. This gives the user a quicker and more efficient reset than completely rebooting your phone and going through an entire power cycle.

    Does Airplane Mode Help Your Phone Charge More Fast?

    This question is the same line of thinking regarding whether airplane mode helps save your phone’s Battery. In terms of technicality, airplane mode allows your phone to charge more quickly.

    However, this is not a trick that isn’t well-known or a “hack” that some have discovered. The reason is relatively easy to understand.

    The charge appears to run faster because your phone does not run as many processes which drain your battery when it’s charging.

    It is because your device isn’t consuming all of its battery life as it would, which means that the charging speed appears to be more rapid.

    You can activate the built-in battery features.

    Alongside eliminating battery hogs for Android and iOS, You can also activate various features designed to save energy. These functions can be activated when the Battery on your phone falls below a certain amount or can be manually activated.

    This is known as the Low Power Mode for Apple phones, and you can locate the option under Battery in the Settings. You can turn it on at any time or enable it once your phone is at 20% battery (a display will be displayed at this moment). It essentially slows down specific background processes that run on your phone, for example, email fetching and watching to your “Hey Siri” voice-activation control.

    In the most recent versions of Android, it is known as Battery Saver. Go towards Battery under Settings to find it. Like the iPhone’s low-power mode, it disables some background services and limits the actions your apps can perform even when they’re not in use and can be turned on by hand or automatically once the Battery has reached an amount.

    How do I toggle Airplane Mode in Android?

    To activate the airplane mode feature on your Android device To enable airplane mode, follow these steps:

    • Tap across the upper right corner of your screen twice to reveal The Quick Settings Panel. You can also swipe down with two fingers.
    • Find the Airplane mode switch in the grid. If you don’t find it, you may need to swipe left to reveal additional icons.
    • Press the toggle; your phone goes into airplane mode. The airplane icon will appear in the status bar and all radios affected are turned off.
    • Image Gallery (2 Images)
    • Android Enable Airplane Mode Toggle
    • Android Network Settings Airplane Mode
    • Repeat these steps to deactivate airplane mode. Be aware that it could take a while for your phone to connect to WiFi and mobile data after exiting airplane mode.

    If your phone does not have this shortcut, for any motive, turn off airplane mode in Settings > Network and Internet Settings > Network & Internet.

    Why do people use Airplane Mode?

    In addition to the two main motives, people choose to utilize airplane mode, being on planes or stopping their batteries from depleting at a similar speed. The majority of people don’t have any reason to use airplane mode.

    Many people notice that their phones are boring when they’re in airplane mode due to its restrictions on the phone’s ability to connect with the world.

    A few people utilize the airplane feature to view messages or screenshot messages in certain apps without realizing or notifying the app that messages were read or captured because the connectivity is not as good.

    It works in a way it is possible for a connection to the Internet for access to the applications you want to access. Once connected, you will usually switch to airplane mode to complete the task.

    Others try using airplane mode to reset the system to resolve connectivity issues.

    How do I toggle Airplane Mode in Windows and Mac?

    If you are running Windows 10, you can change airplane mode by using The Action Center. Press Win + A, or press the icon for notification at the lower-right part of your display to launch it.

    If it does appear, you can see the Airplane mode switch on the right. Click it to turn on airplane mode and block all signals from networks. If you can’t notice the display, you can click Expand to display more options, and it could not be visible by default.

    What’s the Downside of Airplane Mode

    The issue with this is that when you put your phone in airplane mode, you’re making your phone completely disconnected from WiFi, cell data, and Bluetooth.

    Since most users use their phones for online activities that require a smartphone, phones are unsuitable for all requirements.

    Naturally, if you have saved audiobooks, music, or any other type of content that you can access offline, then switching to airplane mode will make no difference, and you could save your Battery’s life in this manner.

    In the end, although airplane mode is a great way to extend the Battery, however, it comes with the cost of limiting the functions your phone can perform.

    Do you have the ability to connect to WiFi on Airplane Mode?

    It depends on the device you are using. However, most modern phones permit you to utilize WiFi operating in plane mode. If you turn on the airplane mode option, WiFi will turn off, but you can activate it manually.

    You won’t only be disconnected from mobile networks in airplane mode; you’ll also be barred from connecting to any WiFi network. Mobile phones in airplane mode won’t scan for available networks and are disconnected from any hotspot related to them. It is possible to enable this feature when you are using airplane mode; however, the WiFi connection is by default shut off.

    For your Android device, tap to the upper right corner of your screen two times to relaunch Quick Settings, then click WiFi. Take a couple of minutes, and you’ll be able to notice WiFi turn on and connected (if your phone can allow this) if you have an iPhone Open Control Center (swipe down from the top-right corner of iPhone models that do not have the Home button or swipe upwards from the bottom of your phone is equipped with a home button) and then tap the WiFi toggle the same manner.

    Many airlines provide WiFi in the plane, and you can turn on WiFi while in airplane mode to take advantage of it if it’s available. However, aircraft generally allow WiFi-only once they reach 10,000 feet above sea level, so be sure to keep WiFi shut off when taking off and landing. If you’re not sure, it’s worth a call to an airline representative before connecting.

    Connect your phone to the Internet.

    Nothing will save your Battery like the disconnection of your mobile from any network dependent on it. Facebook can’t connect to the Internet to update its content every 5 minutes when it’s not connected to an internet connection, for instance. If you genuinely need the additional juice, switch your phone into airplane mode and observe that the battery level remains steady.

    The most obvious drawback is that it won’t allow you to connect to the Internet or make calls or send texts. However, if you’re trying to prolong the life of your Battery, this is an option, and it implies that your phone will be less distracting while at the same time. Two fingers can be used to wipe down at the very top on Android or swipe down from the top part of your screen in iOS, and you’ll find an option to toggle.

    It’s a good idea to use the airplane mode feature when you’re in areas with a poor signal. It’s because smartphones tend to increase their efforts to connect when they’re struggling to get alerts, which could consume more Battery. If you’ve had the experience of frequently moving out and into dead spots, then you’re likely to be aware of this.

    While switching off Bluetooth and WiFi is often said to improve battery life, it doesn’t make that much difference–certainly not as much as going full airplane mode.

    Is Bluetooth Function In Airplane Mode?

    Airplane mode blocks all Bluetooth communication, usually utilized for wireless, near connections. When your phone has been set to airplane mode, you will not be able to connect the wireless headsets, smartwatch, or another gadget typically attached to your phone via Bluetooth. Like WiFi, you can activate Bluetooth when in airplane mode; however, it’s disabled by default.

    It’s a similar situation to the one above. By turning off airplane mode, you disable Bluetooth (except the exceptions listed earlier); however, you can enable it again using the shortcut to toggle on most devices, including laptops and phones. Airline passengers don’t care about Bluetooth because its range is concise (about 30 yards in most instances).

    The option to enable Bluetooth allows you to pair with your Bluetooth headphones, keyboard, or other similar devices. Even if you’re not traveling on a plane, You can turn on airplane mode to conserve battery when listening to music offline via Bluetooth headphones.

    Look for the apps that drain your Battery.

    The battery life is a significant problem. It is why both Apple and Google have integrated monitoring tools in their operating systems for phones, which allow you to determine which apps are taking most of the Battery. In the Settings app on iOS or Android, click Battery. You’ll be able to see which apps have consumed the most juice since the phone last was fully charged.

    After you’ve compiled an overview of the top offenders, there are some alternatives. You can uninstall all problematic apps and take advantage of the savings in Battery and look into the individual settings of these apps and work to decrease their use of Battery.

    What is Airplane Mode Do for Games?

    If you are a fan of engaging in games with your smartphone but aren’t happy with ads, airplane mode might aid. Since it shuts down all internet connections, turning on airplane mode will block ads from offline mobile games. Make sure not to disable WiFi once you’ve done so. You are activating airplane mode.

    If a game requires that your device be connected and connected, you will not be able to play the game using airplane mode. It is recommended to give the air mode a shot using your favorite games to check out what happens.

    Are Alarms Effective In Airplane Mode?

    Alarms are sounded just like usual, even while in flight mode. They do not rely on any Internet or mobile connectivity. Launch the Clock application on your device and then switch to the Alarms tab to set your alarm to normal.


    In the end, airplane mode is a fantastic method to unplug their social networks and other internet areas without having to leave the phone in its place or deleting the accounts one may have.

    If you’re looking to spend some quiet time but still need to listen to the music you have saved or similar, switching your phone into airplane mode will allow you to use this function.

    But, depending on the model of phone you own, you could turn your phone into “do not disturb” mode and shut off the connections to achieve the same result.

    Utilizing our advice above and activating airplane mode can help to prolong your phone’s battery life.

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