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Dora The Explorer Dora’s Dance To The Rescue


    Dora tells a funny story about Boots and Swiper The Fox trying to rescue Swiper from a magical container. After he was tricked into dancing by an elf, he went to the castle to participate in King Juan el Bobo’s dancing contest. This allowed him to get one big wish: to free Swiper.


    Additional animated adventures featuring the adventurous explorer Boots and her pet monkey Boots. Dora must dance to rescue Swiper when a Dancing Elf traps him in an empty bottle. Dora, Boots, and King Juan El Bobo must dance their way across a pyramid, across an ocean, and into King Juan El Bobo’s Castle to save Swiper. In ‘Rescue, Rescue, Rescue! Baby Jaguar is stuck to a tree, Isa and Benny are stuck to the top of Gooey Geysers. Can you help Dora & Boots race to the rescue of everyone? Dora and Boots in ‘Leon the Circus Lion’ need your support to cross Swinging Forest, Tightrope bridge, and get to the Big Top, so Leon becomes a circus Lion.


    The episode begins with Dora dancing with Boots, and then Dora will tell the viewer about the moment Dora used her dancing to save Swiper’s life from a magic container. The story focuses on the magical bottle that contains the little dancing elf. However, he cannot escape until someone opens the magic container and allows them to be magically sucked inside. Swiper sees the dancing elf while walking along with his sidekick, cane. Swiper decides to trick Swiper and open the magic bottle to get stuck. Swiper calls Boots (and Dora) for help. Dora attempted to open the magic container, but Swiper advised her that she could get stuck if she did. The magic bottle pops into life, telling Dora that Swiper needs to escape from the magic container. They didn’t know how to get there, so they asked Map for help. The map tells the couple that they will need to travel across the ocean through a pyramid before reaching the castle. The pyramid must be first.

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