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Father I Don’t Want To Get Married

    Am I Julian? Is she the daughter of the Duke and the villain of the novel?

    I could stay out of my death due to some prior knowledge of my life because it was the second time in the same situation. Then, I’ll be able to lead an unhurried life!

    “I’m not planning on marrying someone unless they have everything. I’m looking for the most rich well-known, popular, and skilled man that exists.”

    I imagined having a glamorous life as the daughter of the Duke; however, my father informed me that the Crown Prince, who is considered to be insane, is my husband! I could not resist the urge to establish a contractual relationship in a truly extraordinary way. This is with an attractive side character who has a better appearance than the main character.

    Father, I do Not want to Get Married! Manga -Father, I Don’t want to get married! manhwa

    I was brought back to life as a hero, Jubellian Eloy Floyen, in the book I’d read 4. My destiny was to end my life, but there was no! In the light of the experiences of my past life in my head, I am capable of avoiding my demise! “I will not be married to an individual who is not honorable or has no assets or power also!” As I told my dream to live a wonderful and fulfilling life, my father decided to have the Crown Prince as my fiance? It’s not possible! I’m not in favor of this relationship with the crown prince because the Crown Prince scares me! He kills huge people because they disagree with his expectations immediately!” A few days later, I got an email from the Crown Prince. “Don’t worry; I’m not going to be able to kill you.” Do I genuinely commit an offense?”

    The original timeline of the story

    Julian was an outcast in high society. She could not get her father’s attention or the people older than her until she came across Mikhail Albert Sheen. He was the first person she fell in love with after offering her a handkerchief while they were at a celebration. She finally received the attention she sought and decided to dedicate all of her time to him, and he was a bit irritated. That was until the man confessed to her that the woman he never loved was his, and he was in love with the princess, which ended their relationship for three years.

    Then, Jubellian offered the princess a glass of wine at an event that turned out to as poisoned. Mikhail blamed Jubellian; however, she was not at fault for the poisoning. Julian was eventually removed, and her father offered to take Jubellian to the darkroom. The only place that no one is allowed to leave after entering except if they belong to royalty. When the two arrived home, their father handed her a dagger and told her to “accept it.” In the belief that the Crown Prince was there to inflict torture on her, she took the blade to cut herself, deciding to die instead of the dreadful life of imprisonment.

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