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Fauzi Mubarak Ali

    Who Is Fauzia Mubarak Ali?

    Fauzia Mubarak Ali is a human rights advocate and the founder of the Human Rights Advocates Association (HRAA). HRAA urges people to contribute to achieving the cause of social justice within Pakistan. Fauzia has been a vocal advocate for peace and democracy in her country, voicing her support for women’s rights and against discrimination.

    Fauzia Mubarak Ali was born in Karachi, Pakistan, on March 24th, 1958. In 1979, she completed her studies at Kinnaird College with a degree in Urdu literature. She then earned an advanced degree from Columbia University, where she studied Comparative Literature, which allowed her to study various cultures across the globe before returning home to Pakistan after 9/11.

    Fauzia Mubarak Ali Family Tree

    Fauzia Mubarak Ali is a highly well-known Pakistani attorney and political activist. Her birth was in 1925 to a family that included lawyers dating back four generations. The father of her mother, Malik Ghulam Muhammad, was a well-known barrister from Lahore, Pakistan, and she was raised with him sharing her stories of the cases he won for his clients. Fauzia Mubarak Ali was to be one woman to be among the very first law students of Punjab University after being admitted to pursue a degree in Law at a time when women were rarely allowed to leave their homes without the assistance of their brothers or fathers. She was married in 1947. They married Dr. Abdul Sattar, who became Professor Emeritus at Harvard Medical School, and made their home in Boston, where she pursued her professional career.

    Fauzia Mubarak Ali Young (Age) and Early Life

    Fauzia is a shy person who isn’t one to speak about her family and herself. The background of Fauzia’s family remains a mystery, and it’s not clear if she’s the sole child of her parents or if they have siblings. There isn’t specific evidence or details regarding the young life of Fauzia.

    On the contrary, her husband was Stephen Demetre Georgiou, a native of London, England. in 1948, and Cat Steven was born on July 21st, the first of the three kids. Stavros Georgiou(father) and Ingrid Wickman(mother) were restaurateurs, and they operated Moulin Rouge. Steven was taught to play the piano and experience the theater’s glitter and glamour in his hometown. Steven was just eight years old; his parents divorced, but they continued to be in a relationship.

    Who Is Cat Stevens’s Wife, Fauzia Mubarak Ali? Wedding Details

    Fauzia Mubarak is Yusuf Islam’s (widely popularly referred to as Cat Stevens) husband.

    Fauzia, along with Cat Stevens, has five children named Maymanah Islam, Hasanah Islam, Asmaa Islam, Aminah Islam, and Yoriyos Islam.

    Fauzia Mubarak Ali Nationality And Origin

    Her nationality is British.

    Fauzia Mubarak Ali’s spouse, Cat Stevens, converted to Islam. Then, he switched his surname to Yusuf.

    Cat Stevens gave up his glittering popstar career to change his life to Muslim in 1977.

    At present, Cat Stevens and Fauzia Mubarak are of Muslim background.

    Fauzia Mubarak Ali Net Worth

    However, her husband, Cat Stevens, is worth more than $10 million.

    And Cat Stevens, now Yusuf Islam, lives a comfortable life. The fame, reputation, popularity, and talent acknowledged as a British musician helped me lead a comfortable retirement life.

    Fauzia Mubarak Ali Net Worth

    There is no information on Fauzia’s professional background. Therefore, we cannot guess her earnings and net worth. However, her husband, Steven, has been capable of earning a significant sum of money in the music industry. According to multiple sources, Steven’s husband Stevens’s wealth is around $10 million.

    Fauzia Mubarak Ali Social Media

    Fauzia is a timid person who isn’t one being in the spotlight. Therefore, there’s no mention of Fauzia on social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or any other.

    Like her husband, Steven is also a social media user, using platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, etc. Steven’s Instagram account, @yusufcatStevens, has more than 159k followers, and he follows 130 followers. So far, Cat has posted 904 posts on Instagram. He has. Fortunately, he has gained 108.5k fans on Twitter @YusufCatStevens. He has only been following 150 followers. Stevens has posted 2517 tweets as of today. Yusuf has an official Youtube channel called Yusuf or Cat Stevens and has collected 317k subscribers.

    Conclusion of Fauzia Mubarak Ali’s Life


    While Fauzia Mubarak Ali may be a private individual, and there’s not any information about her, we did our best to gather as much information as possible.

    Hope you enjoyed reading about this fascinating woman. Thank you for reading.

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