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Get Rid Off Trending Searches On Google Android?

    This is the function that Google provides, and the autocomplete system must be disabled to eliminate the problems with undesirable lists. It appears to be a common issue and has been popular for a long time, so making changes to one setting could not be effective. This feature was first introduced in 2016, and trending searches appearing in the autocomplete box of the Google Search App started to cause problems. Google Search App began to cause a lot of trouble for all users.

    There isn’t always pertinent information, and a lot of search results are based on data from across the globe, so you may not always want to look them up. Many people have expressed their displeasure as soon as it first appeared; however, even after Google launched the opt-out option, it was not working. Many people still say that switching off the autocomplete feature isn’t turning off Google Trending Searches on the Search app.

    The first thing to do is must note that you have to disable Google Trending Searches on the Search app. This isn’t a virus or other fraud but a malware issue. These search predictions exist to provide you with the terms you’re searching for and show what users have searched for before. There are a variety of factors Google employs to produce these predictions.

    The advantages of deactivating trending searches

    The latest search results section on Google is a fantastic location to check out what other users are discussing. However, it’s rarely the best spot to find the information you’re seeking. If you’re looking to learn how to stop popular searches on Google Chrome, read on!

    When you open the browser, you’ll be met by a list of the most popular search terms from various categories. Sometimes it’s logical, and there’s a good reason why people often look for the phrase. However, these searches appear to be out of the blue or because of a glitch in the algorithm.

    How To Get Rid Of Trending Searches On Google Android?

    There are several ways to stop popular search results on Android.

    Another option is to clean your cache and history.

    You can also turn off search suggestions for your device.

    Check How to Disable Google App Trending Searches on Android and iOS.

    Google Trending Searches can be a fantastic method to keep track of the topics that people are most interested in at a particular moment. But, the feature could sometimes hinder your primary research goals. In these instances, you might need to turn off questions in motion. In that case, we can help you.

    This article will explain how to narrow Google Trending searches using mobile browsers, Google apps, or your PC. We’ll also explain how to deactivate specific and related list items. We will also address the most frequently asked questions uncovered by Google search.

    Turn Off Trending Searches On Google Chrome on Android & iOS.

    The procedure to deactivate trending searches is the same for Android and iOS devices.

    Step 1 . Start Google Chrome. Step 1: Open the Google Chrome browser on your Android or iPhone.

    Step 2: Go to

    Step 3: Once on, click to open the menu (three vertical stripes) in the upper left corner.

    Step 4: From the list of choices, choose Settings.

    Step 5: You will be directed to the Search Settings Page.

    Step 6: Click down to the Auto-complete section with the current search results section.

    Step 7: Choose the option that will not display popular searches.

    Step 8 Save the settings by pressing the Save button at the lower right.

    Go on, and Google will no longer suggest the most popular search results.

    How How to Turn Off Trending Searches in Chrome on a PC

    To stop trending searches within Google on your computer, Follow the steps below:

    Start your browser and enter “” into the site address field, then press”Enter,” and then hit the “Enter” key.

    You can click “Settings” at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

    Choose “Search Settings” from the menu.

    Choose “Do not show popular searches” under the “Autocomplete with trending searches” section.

    More On The Topic

    Google started showing popular searches in the autocomplete box within Google’s Google Search app. This is great; however, using the box of search to view the latest search trends may not be helpful, and many users don’t wish to view it. This is why Google has made it clear in its active Google Web Search Help thread that users can now remove themselves from these popular searches.

    You need to be running version 6.1or higher in your Google Search application to access this feature. After that, go to Google Now, click on the menu (three-bar icon) and then select Settings. If you don’t want to be updated with the latest trends in search results on Google, You can turn off this feature.

    However, many users have complained about how trending searches will not stop regardless of how much they try. If you’re facing similar issues, you should follow the above steps.


    However, if you’ve disabled trending searches on Google, they will appear. Quit the browser, sign off and then reboot your device. In addition, block cookies from search, Clear your cache and upgrade Chrome. If the issue continues, you can change your settings in your browser. Install Chrome or switch to another browser.

    Did you solve the issue? Which of the strategies above did you succeed in implementing? Comment on your experience in the comment section below.

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