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How do I unlink my Amazon pay?

    Visit the Goodreads Desktop site and go to your app settings to unlink Amazon and Goodreads accounts. Scroll down to the Amazon section, then click on Unlink Amazon Account.

    You can also unlink your Goodreads or Amazon accounts to stop Kindle reading updates from being added automatically to the site.

    Can Amazon pay allow me to disconnect my bank account from Amazon Pay?

    Yes, you can. To delink your bank account via Amazon Pay, visit your account settings. Then, click on “Unlink banking account.”

    How do I unlink my Amazon pay?

    Log in first to your Amazon Account to delink Amazon pay.
    Next, click “Settings,” then select “Payment Methods.”
    Finally, click the “Delete Payment Method” button next to Amazon Pay. Next, click the “Delete” button and confirm your choice with the “Delete.”

    How can I unlink Amazon Pay?

    Open Amazon Pay and tap on the three lines at the top left. Next, tap Settings and select the Linked Accounts Tab. Next, tap on the Amazon Pay card you wish not to link, and tap Unlink account.

    Can Amazon accounts and Amazon Prime accounts be linked?

    Yes, an Amazon account can be linked. First, connect your account to by visiting the “Manage Your Content and Devices” section of your account. Next, click “Link Your Account.” This will ask you for your password and login information. Contact customer service if this information is not available.

    How to delete your Amazon credit card in the mobile application

    Open Amazon on your phone/tablet and tap on the Account tab (the second one towards the bottom).
    Tap on “your account” and scroll to “Your Pays.”
    Tap on “Wallet” and scroll down until you find the credit card to be removed.
    Then, click on the “Remove Card” button to delete the chosen credit card.

    If you have deleted your default debit card, you will need another or a completely different one.


    Sometimes the editing or removal of credit card details can result from low credit margin, card expiration, or other minor problems. But shoppers who are prone to spending extravagantly without paying attention to credit value can get into massive debt. Customers can delete their Amazon credit cards to avoid such problems.

    The detailed instructions for removing credit cards on Amazon will make it easier for consumers to complete these tasks. Customers should follow these steps to make it easier to remove credit card details from Amazon pages. Problems are often encountered during the exchange of cards or changes in payment methods.

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