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How Does A Guy Feel When You Block Him

    The act of severing someone’s relationship can have the potential to have a profound psychological effect on the person. Even a man who appears not interested in things could be affected by blocking. Personally, as an individual who has been blocked in the past, I think it’s an act of insanity and one way to keep from engaging in a mature conversation.

    In some cases, women have reported that this alone helped to get their men on the right track without the need to discuss all the time. If you’ve had a battle with him over a specific issue for a long time and he refuses to change, perhaps this is something you’d like to consider.

    Even though males tend to be the least expressive, people can make it difficult to discern what’s going on in their heads in these situations. If you’re interested to learn more, keep reading, and I’ll walk you through several ways men could be feeling when they’ve been unable to express themselves.

    Blocking someone on Whatsapp or other Social Media

    It is never a good idea to block anyone inappropriate, abusive, or in any other way wrong on social media. If you’re connected to your boss or colleagues on social networks, you should stop them. You can block anyone with whom you don’t have a connection.

    It’s not a great decision to restrict people you cherish. If you’re trying to break up with the relationship that ended, it’s not the best idea to stop them.

    What Does A Guy Feel If You Block His


    Did you have any experience of being blocked on social media? Did you experience the “he blocked me? !’ rage? What do you think the man would be thinking?

    He might have realized that you were angry, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t on his mind to have him blocked. Blocking someone usually means that you’d like to keep them out of your life permanently or at the very least for that time.

    The shock could even stop him from thinking of a feasible solution. Don’t be surprised when he doesn’t contact you for just a couple of days or even for weeks.

    He could be injured

    A person will experience various emotions following being blocked. He will be shocked and sad, hurt, and, perhaps most importantly, sorry about the incident. The man will feel depressed if he feels emotionally connected to the girl blocking him. This could have a devastating impact on him, regardless of how strong he may be.

    It’ll be the only thing he’s thinking about

    The man will contemplate why he was denied access even if he’s not too connected to the girl. He will recall in his mind the sequence of events that led him to be denied entry and will become obsessed by this circumstance.

    He could be confused at times about what transpired between you two. It is possible that he would like to talk about it with you.

    He’s focused on removing the mess he created

    If this man truly loves you, his mind will instantly think about solutions, and he’ll begin to think about ways to come up with an answer to the issue. When a man truly cares for you, they’ll be careful not to cause you any trouble. That means, if they do, they’ll need to resolve the issue in the shortest time possible to ensure that they still retain their place in your heart.

    This will make him feel like he’s guilty.

    If the person feels you’re correct in blocking him, it means the guy knows that he did something wrong. He may feel guilty for inflicting harm on you or offending you. If he is in love with you, he’ll try his best to come to a resolution to apologize. If he’s nice to you, even though it’s unclear the cause, the chances are he’ll do his best to return to your great graces.

    He might get angry

    He could become angry if he believes there is nothing wrong and you stop him for no reason. He may think your behavior is a bit naive. If he’s determined, he may be unwilling to admit he made mistakes or blame himself for every single thing. He may even wish to get revenge on you.

    He’ll feel as if it is the end of your RELATIONSHIP.

    This is among the reasons not to avoid being too quick to block anyone. If you decide the hot at the time, the chances are that after cooling down, you’ll regret the decision. For the man you’re with, he’ll feel that it’s the end of the relationship, and there’s nothing more to look forward to. He’ll be pushed away, confused, and hurt; He may not wish to return.

    He is unsure

    Blocking someone on social media is an effective way to send an important message to get rid of them and end the chapter in your life. But, the majority of people don’t think about it; in their minds, it’s just one of the things. If your ex is an ex-partner and he’s been uninterested or distant, it could be the reason for his indifference even after you’ve blocked his social media accounts.


    What has this article said to you? Do you have any experience of blocking anyone near? Did it stop them from calling or messaging you? Did you feel satisfied after securing this individual? We would like to hear from you to assist our readers. We invite you to leave a comment below!

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