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How Long Does An Mot Take

    An MoT test should be averaging 45-60 minutes, but due to the latest MoT test, changes to the MoT test shouldn’t take more than one hour. The additional tests have been made for diesel engines. If you own a diesel vehicle, you can anticipate it to be a bit longer than the 60-minute mark.

    When your car is ready for preparation for an MoT test, there’s an area to wait in which you can wait for the MoT test to be completed. The MoT test is approximately 45 minutes. Most garages listed on have waiting rooms with cafeterias and tea, as well as WiFi. Some garages will even take care of the pick-up and drop-off of your vehicle so that you don’t need to wait.

    If your MoT will be due shortly and you want to obtain estimates from local garages, Try using to find the most reputable garage that offers the most affordable price in your local area.

    Is an MOT a valid requirement?

    An MOT is a procedure that ensures that a vehicle is roadworthy. The test is designed to verify that the vehicle complies with environmental and safety standards set through the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). All cars require an MOT test at some point during their life as drivers.

    Driving without a valid MOT certificate is a crime and can result in a possible PS1,000 fine. There are no points to be awarded for driving with no MOT, but between 6 and 8 points may be imposed for driving without insurance for your vehicle. A failed MOT can invalidate the majority, but not all – car insurance since insurers have a clause within their policies and guidelines that states that the person who owns the vehicle must keep their vehicle in an excellent roadworthy condition. An expired MOT test violates this.

    Therefore, it is essential to stay on top of your MOT test.

    How long will an MOT test run?

    An MOT test can likely take anywhere from 45 minutes and one hour. Our MOT appointments are in one-hour slots. You can book them up to 6 months ahead, giving you the flexibility to book the appointment according to your schedule.

    Customers can view their car pass the test in our exclusive MOT test viewing area or sit in our waiting rooms that are equipped with seating, Wi-Fi television, and coffee and tea. If you prefer, you can choose to let your vehicle stay with us, which allows you to move on with your day and then pick the vehicle back up after the MOT test is completed.

    Why it’s much better to make an appointment for an early MOT.

    You can schedule an MOT as little as a month before the expiration of the previous MOT certificate. The new certificate is valid for 12 months following the expiration date of the original certificate. This is excellent if your vehicle fails to pass since you can continue to drive it with the original certificate until you have it repaired and tested again.
    But there’s an exception. If your vehicle isn’t roadworthy, for instance, brakes don’t work, it’s illegal to drive it, whether or not the MOT is expired.
    Many people schedule an appointment simultaneously with an MOT. This will reduce costs as garages usually offer a bundle offer. If they’re checking the vehicle for damage and need to make repairs, it’s easier to perform minor repairs on the same day, and it will save you the hassle of bringing the vehicle in twice. If it’s an extensive maintenance job and the vehicle has passed its warranty, Some drivers will book the service separately to reduce the costs.

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