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how long is a minecraft day

    The game Minecraft is heavily dependent on the night and day cycle. What time it is will affect various aspects and act the way you play. When you’re in the day, you’re expected to complete every task that isn’t considered dangerous, for example, gathering wood or farming. As night falls and the mobs show up to play and need blood. The blog today will be based on the length of a Minecraft day can last and what it means for players.

    What is the length of a day in Minecraft?

    The average day of Minecraft can last just 20 minutes. Because the concept of ticks determines Minecraft’s clock, 24,000 ticks within the game are equivalent to a whole day within Minecraft plus 20 minutes of actual time. This means that you can have 72 Minecraft days in one real-world day that lasts 24 hours.

    How Do You Make Your Day-Night Cycle Longer in Minecraft?

    It is possible to accomplish this task in a cheating-friendly world with the commands blocks and some Redstones. Follow these steps. First of all, you have to set the [/gamerule doDaylightCycleto false, which will end the normal daylight cycle. In this case, you will need to use command blocks (/give command_block) with some Redstone and the command [/time ] To control the duration of daylight. You can do this with this easy illustration.

    The command that appears on the block of commands is [time add. However you’d prefer, you can tune it (1 item in the clock, with five increments in a 28-minute day). There is no hidden Redstone. Both pistons are sticky. The hoppers are fed into one another, and you decide the number of items you want to put in (more items mean a slower day/night cycle). The formula to calculate the length of the day can be calculated as 140 (items/number) minutes during the daytime (double that amount for the entire day).


    Minecraft days are concise. They are short. Three hours and 72 in an entire day! Even so, the night and day are equally distributed, and you’ll be able to enjoy plenty of sunshine in the 20 minutes. Be sure to bring a timer that runs as little as 10 mins later. You’ll need to be on the lookout for Creepers once more.

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