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How To Block Ads On Android

    Do you want to remove ads entirely from your device? Most likely, you don’t require an app from a third party or even rooting. These are the most effective methods to stop ads from appearing on Android.

    Advertising can be a major detriment to the experience of browsing. Still, it could also eat up your data on mobile devices, take up your device’s resources, and need clarification when trying to be serious about things you’re learning on the web. It would be best if you weren’t blaming these ads and their sponsors because they’re thought to be the only method to ensure that creators actively do what you’ve seen on the Internet.

    While some applications and websites offer premium versions that allow you to enjoy a snob-free browsing experience, others do not have this option – making it impossible to view the advertisements or remove them entirely.

    It’s not a good idea to turn off advertisements on your mobile, helping creators earn, but only if they’re not too annoying on your phone. If it’s becoming too much, If you need help, we’re here to help.

    Here are some ways to stop ads from appearing on your Android smartphone, box TV and even your home television.

    Block Ads using Private DNS on Android 9 Pie and later.

    If you’re operating Android version 9, 10, 11, or later on your phone, the Private DNS function is one of the top overlooked features you’ve ignored all the time. It’s there under Network Settings occasionally; however, you’ve never noticed it.

    Private DNS for Android lets you quickly connect to different DNS servers from your Android smartphones. In the event of blocking ads from your device, connecting to an ad-blocking private DNS server is a great way to keep all data in your phone free of advertisements without the need for a VPN or rooting your phone. Of course, this makes it the top ad blocker on Android phones, as you do not require installing an app that runs in the background. This is the reason why some ads-blocker applications need rooting or a premium subscription for optimal performance. Private DNS is completely free.

    This article will show you how to set up Private DNS to stop ads for your Android device. The methods may differ depending on the Android version or the skin. However, the most effective way to do it is to find “Private DNS” in the Settings application.

    • Go to the Settings app.
    • Tap Network & Internet
    • Select Private DNS
    • Click on the Private DNS provider’s hostname.
    • Input any of the host names into the text box.
    • (for the normal blocking of ads via Adguard)
    • (for adblocking and adult contents filter)
    • Make sure to save your work when you’re done.

    Reconnect to the Internet following the setting of Private DNS to begin the system-wide blocker of ads on your device. Certain applications may need to restart before they cease to show ads. You may restart your device.

    What exactly is Adguard DNS?

    According to their official website, AdGuard DNS is a 100% reliable method of blocking online ads without installing any software. It’s completely free and works with all devices. What’s important about AdGuard DNS is that it lets you have system-wide and rootless ad-blocking for Android devices.

    So, you don’t have to root your phone or use Chrome flags to stop advertisements in Android. In this post, we’ll present an effective method to assist you in blocking ads with private DNS on Android.

    How to block ads on Android Utilizing Private DNS

    Check that your smartphone has Android 9 Pie or above. If your phone is running Pie, then follow the easy steps below.

    1. Then, you need to open your Android application drawer, then tap on Settings.
    2. Block ads by using Private DNS in Android2. On the Settings tab, choose Network & Internet or Wireless & Networks.
    3. In the Network & Internet Settings, Select Private DNS.
    4. You must now click on the Configure Private DNS.
    5. In the hostname field, type ‘’
    6. Save the settings before opening your Google Chrome browser.
    7. In the URL bar, input “Chrome://flags” and hit Enter.
    8. Search for “DNS” and then turn off—the Async DNS feature.
    9. Now, enter “chrome://net-internals” in the URL bar and hit enter.
    10. Click on the DNS tab. Then, tap the Clear Cache option.

    That’s it! You are done! You can now restart your Chrome browser to implement the new settings.

    How can you block pop-up advertisements from appearing on your Android browser?

    The most used Android browsers have options that allow you to limit or eliminate all pop-ups. It’s up to you, the Browser you are using. Begin by searching for the menu settings, and you’ll be certain to discover an option that could aid you.

    How can you block pop-up advertisements from appearing on your Chrome browser?

    You can configure your Chrome browser to stop pop-ups following these instructions.

    Start your browser Chrome on Android.
    Click the three dots on the upper-right corner of your screen to reveal the dropdown menu.
    Click “Settings” > “Site settings” > “Pop-ups and redirects.”
    Switch “Pop-ups and redirects” off.
    This same method will work in case you wish to deactivate pop-up blocking. However, we suggest that you leave the system active.

    Install an ad-blocking app.

    Each of these solutions has a focus on your web browser. However, it’s possible to block ads from other sites on Android. Google does not allow system-wide ad blockers, but you will not see any in the Play Store.

    This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t put your trust in them, though. AdGuard and AdLock each come from reliable security firms, which means you can trust them, even when they’re not on Google’s Play Store. However, we must adhere to our recommendations for loading Android apps to install them. Then, you’ll need to determine if you’re willing to commit to a subscription plan to remove applications when the free trial expires.

    Install ads-blocking apps, extensions or browsers that have ads-blocking capabilities.

    Brave Browser running on Android handset 1: How do you stop ads from Android

    Even though Chrome is now equipped with advertising-blocking options, it must still be completed. A different option is downloading Ad-blocking extension extensions to Chrome. This is, of course, the only option available to computer users. A few of the most popular options are AdBlock and Adblock Plus (no relation), which should help you eliminate more irritating ads better than the Chrome browser alone.

    Furthermore, certain apps will block advertisements for users using Android. Find the top applications in our listing of the top ad blocker applications.

    Another option is an alternative web browser with integrated ads-blocking capabilities. There are many of the privacy-focused browsers have advertising-blocking options. A few Android choices comprise Brave, Opera, and even Adblock, a stand-alone web browser.

    Also, keep in mind that even though Chrome extensions aren’t compatible with Chrome for Android, some other mobile browsers are compatible with the feature. Try the ad-blocking extensions that are available with Chrome alternatives. One of the top ones is Brave. We have an overview of how to use extensions that work with Brave.

    What’s the issue that is causing the issue with Android advertisements?

    A lot of users need help finding Android advertisements annoying and distracting. Advertisements that interrupt your experience can appear often and disrupt the user browsing experience on Android smartphones and tablets.

    Advertisements can also include trackers that monitor your browsing patterns and gather the personal information you provide without knowing. The data could be offered to companies of third parties to make the purpose of making a profit. Internet users are increasingly worried about their privacy online, and according to a recent study, 73% of users fear being monitored on the Internet.

    Which advertising blocker that blocks Android advertisements

    Selecting the best advertising blocker to use on choosing the right ad blocker to use on your Android is crucial. Naturally, blocking Android advertisements is the primary characteristic that you should consider. However, there are additional aspects to consider:

    • Compatibility: Android app, browser extensions
    • Sorts of advertisements are blocked, such as banners, pop-ups, and advertisements on social media. In-video ads, for example.
    • Other features include VPN and antivirus.
    • Privacy: No-logs

    It is compatible With Android devices. Be sure your selected advertising blocker is compatible with an application that works with Android devices and that it is as simple to use as you’d like.
    Filters that block ads. Some ad blockers do not come with this feature. However, it can be useful if you would like to view specific advertisements but remove others. By blocking filters, it is possible to alter your preference for advertisements.
    Privacy options. Check that the privacy policies and settings of the service you choose are compatible with your personal preferences. Many free ad blockers have been known to gather user information and then sell the data to third-party vendors. If you are concerned about privacy, choose an ad-blocker with a zero-logging policy.
    Additional functions. An ad blocker can prevent ads from appearing. However, an excellent ad blocker can take care of your privacy online and secure it completely differently. Choose an ad-blocking program with an integrated VPN and antivirus and malware detection. It is always better to use an app that is solely for private security.


    Adverts can hinder articles, games sites, videos, songs, and basically everything else you do with your Android.

    Advertisements drain your battery and take up a lot of your data. Blocking ads doesn’t just enhance your browsing experience; it could also save you money.

    A blocker for ads like NordVPN Threat Protection is the device you require to stop advertisements for the good. If you have a reliable provider installed for your gadget, blocking advertisements while enjoying a smooth browsing or gaming experience with the least interruption is possible.

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