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how to block an artist on spotify

    Spotify is an extremely popular streaming music service that provides an extensive selection of music that is performed by various artists around the world.

    Sometimes, however, users might mistakenly block an artist and block access to their music. It can be a hassle particularly if you’re an admirer of the music work. However, don’t worry!

    In this complete guide, we’ll walk you through the procedure of how to unblock the Artists on Spotify? to allow you to once time enjoy their amazing music.

    What Happens When You Block an Artist on Spotify?

    The act of blocking an artist from being featured on Spotify can have two main repercussions. The first is that Spotify will not recommend an artist’s tracks across the platform and all devices. If you try to browse and then play any track from an artist you like, the song will never play until you remove the artist’s block. One reason for this is that an exception exists. When a block artist is present in a single or album of an artist other than the one featured, that song can still be played.

    In addition, being a blocker, blocking a musician does not prevent you from listening to their music elsewhere. The artist’s name, their songs as well as albums, are in search results which allows you to unlock them at any time you’d like.

    How To Hide an Artist on the Spotify Desktop App

    In the past, we’ve mentioned an important distinction between desktop and mobile applications. The only way to remove artists in”Discover Weekly,” but not from the “Discover Weekly” playlist is in the desktop application. This is how you can do it:

    Start the Spotify application on your PC.

    Go to “Discover Weekly.”

    Select the artist that you would like to keep.

    Touch the negative sign just below it.

    Tap “I don’t like (name of the artist).”

    When you’ve finished the process, Spotify won’t show the artist’s name in the “Discover Weekly” playlist. But, it could appear in a different playlist.

    Via Mobile

    Follow the steps below on how to remove users from using Spotify. Spotify application:

    Start Spotify and click on the icon for searching.
    Enter the name of the person and then select the profile of that user.
    Touch the three dots that are under their profiles.
    Tap on Block.
    Click Block on the confirmation screen.

    How Do I Block Artists on Spotify?

    Spotify is known for its auto-generated playlists made up of music you’ve enjoyed in the past then apply their algorithms to help in providing an endless amount of enjoyment. If you have an artist that you do not would like to hear on Spotify it is possible to block this artist from appearing on Spotify’s playlists. Discover Weekly list, as well as daily Mixes.

    Here’s how you block musicians from being blocked on Spotify:

    Open Spotify on your mobile device.

    Go to the artist’s page and search for the artist that you would like to block.

    If you aren’t able to find the artist on the Spotify tab on the home page, click the Search icon, and then type in the artist’s name.

    Click the 3 dots icon under the cover photo.

    Tap Make sure you don’t tap this.

    Repeat the process for every artist that you would like to block.

    How to Block Artists on Pandora

    Pandora’s radio stations make it easy to discover the music you enjoy. But taking music that you do not want off the air is more difficult. You can de-vote the artist and track when it pops up, but it doesn’t mean you can block the artists who are on Pandora. However, it does limit the frequency this artist’s name is mentioned on a radio station.

    How to Block Artists on YouTube Music

    YouTube Music does not offer the capability to filter or block artists from playlists, or even radio suggestions.

    Do I Need Spotify Premium To Block An Artist Or Band?

    There is no need to pay for a subscription to Spotify Premium to stop an artist or band. This opportunity is available for users on the Free streaming service available on iOS as well as Android devices.

    What can I do to block advertisements on Spotify?

    Join Spotify Premium for an ad-free musical journey. Alternatively, you can look at ad-blockers such as Mutify or the EZBlocker.

    How can I stop explicit tracks on Spotify?

    Use Spotify’s parental controls to protect delicate ears from harmful material. Premium Family members have the choice of tweaking the filter that blocks explicit material to warrant that only pure versions are included in their playlists.

    Can I Block Users On Spotify?

    It is possible to remove users who aren’t musicians using Spotify. Go to their profile within either the desktop or app and click on the three dots and the choices of “unfollow” or “block” will show on the menu.

    How to Tell If Someone Blocked You on Spotify?

    If you’re trying to identify if someone removed you from Spotify You can find some things to find. Start by searching for the username of the user. If you aren’t able to find them, then it’s likely they’ve removed you from their account. Another indicator is if you’re no longer able to view the playlists they’ve created or their information on profiles.

    If you’ve been in a position to view this information but aren’t anymore the case, then you’ve probably been denied access. The accurate method of determining the truth is to talk to who the individual is directly. Contact them via various messaging apps and inquire about the reason why they have blocked you. There are several ways to determine whether someone has been blocked on Spotify.

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