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How to Blur Backgrounds on Google Meet

    Depending on what device you’re together to join and the device you use to enter a Google Meet virtual call, it is possible to alter or blur your background before or just when the conference begins. In this post, we’ll look at every available Google Meet background option so you can choose which visual effects you like ideally.

    As with Zoom andand Microsoft Teams, the Google Meet video conferencing software includes virtual backgrounds and backgrounds with effects, including blur features that allowallow you to cover what’s behind you.

    How do you blur your background in the Google Meet call?

    One thing you should know is Google Meet has no desktop client. You can do this through the Google Meet website. Some mobile apps work on Android and iOS; however, blurring the background doesn’t work within these apps. These steps apply only to those with Google Meet on a PC running Google’s Chrome internet browser.

    If you’re currently in a conversation and want to blur your background, go to the right-hand side of the screen, where there are three dots. Just click those dots to launch the Settings menu (Figure A).

    Search for Change Background and Click on it. There, you’ll find several options to create virtual backgrounds. Two of them, indicated by a silhouette and the dots surrounding them, are blurry background alternatives (Figure B).

    The opportunity using smaller dots is slightly blurred, while another is a powerful background blur, completely blocking out any other color. What you choose depends entirely on you and the amount of your workspace you would like your colleagues to be privy to.

    Remove the menu, and then close it. Your background must be transparent, and any modifications you’ve made must be carried forward in future meetings.

    How to Blur Your Background in Google Meet on Desktop

    Utilizing Google Meet, there are two simple ways to get the ideal backdrop to your meetings online. If you’d like to alter the settings before your conference or in real-time, creating a blur effect on your desktops (Mac/Windows) can be done in two steps from your fingertips!

    Here’s how:

    Before a Meeting

    Start Google Meet and select a meeting.

    On the Self-View page, Click Apply Visual Effects.

    Choose the Blur Background opportunity to block out your background completely wholly. Select your Slightly Blur in your Background choice if you want a subtle blur.

    Once done, click Join Now.

    During a Meeting

    Go to Google Meet and join a gathering.

    On the lower left of the screen, click the three dots on the vertical side.

    Choose Apply to see visual effects.

    Select between Completely Blur Background and Slightly Blur Background choices. This effect will be reflected in your video.

    Press the X to return to the meeting.

    How do you blur the background in Google Meet before video calling on an iPhone/Android phone?

    Meetings on the internet are making our lives more convenient. You can be on the move or make business calls using an iPhone or Android anywhere. However, there is one minor limitation in the case of phones: we can’t pick any background. Mobile users have only two choices when blurring backgrounds for Google Meet. Blur completely or lightly.

    There will always be issues and glitches in the technological area, but they are usually resolved by resetting the software or the device. The minimum compatibility requirement is to use blurred backgrounds to Google Meet on your iPhone or Android.

    The phone you are with must be at least an Android smartphone with a 9.0 version. To support iPhone users, the 6s version is the minimum requirement to run iOS. The Android handset should also be equipped with 3GB of RAM, ARM64 with 4 CPU cores, and 1.6 GHz clock speed. A majority of phones have all the mentioned specifications. Don’t worry if you do not know all the technical terminology. Search for the model of your smartphone online, and check the difference.

    Virtual Backgrounds for Google Meet

    It could be tedious to stare at blurred backgrounds for a long time. Virtual Backgrounds are a part of Google Meet, which offers a variety of background images. The backgrounds are modified by pressing the mouse at least twice, and there aren’t restrictions on the quantity. Imagine you’re introducing an item to your customers. It can explain its usefulness and make your presentation appear more attractive.

    Background blurring used for Google Meet

    Background blur on Google Meet provides different levels of confusion by adjusting the slider. The greater the blurring quantity, the more transparent and visible the blur. When the tool is turned on, it has an on/off switch at the top of the screen, making it easy to begin or reduce blurring while on a video conference. Additionally, the tool promises to handle all video images on your computer locally, so your information is protected and other information is not leaking.

    What Are the Benefits of Blur Video Background?

    There are many benefits to blurring background videos on Google Meet. One of these is:

    To safeguard your privacy, blurring the background may help conceal sensitive details or clutter in the surroundings.

    Better focus Focus: If you have to participate in conference calls with noisy or distracting backgrounds, blurring your surroundings could help keep distractions at bay and concentrate on your main topic.

    Professional appearance: Attending meetings in a messy environment could make you appear untrustworthy, especially when it is an official meeting or presentation. Blurred backgrounds can increase professionalism while minimizing distracting factors.

    Disable Background Blur in Google Meet

    To switch off blur in the background when you’re on a conference call or waiting for a call to join it, you need to open the visual effects menu using the instructions in either of the sets above. Select the blur choice that you’re together to switch off. The background will be restored to normal immediately.

    Google Meet Blur Background Not Showing?

    If you do not meet these specifications, it’s impossible to erase the background of Google Meet:

    A computer that runs 64-bit operating systems.

    • A web browser that can manage WebGL 2.0.

    * Hardware acceleration has been enabled by the browser you are using.

    * The most recent Chrome version (M84 or greater).

    However, even under all the perfect conditions, bugs and glitches are bound to occur. When the time comes, You can consider restarting your system. Google Meet performance depends on the latest updates, or turning the device off and then turning it back on will activate the Google Meet feature.

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