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How To Cancel Google Play Subscription On Android

    Google Play Store subscriptions have recently increased in popularity as many apps provide trial periods for free. If you’re not using the subscription anymore or aren’t satisfied with the features they had to give you, you may cancel at any time. Need help with how to complete this through the app? It is possible to go into the Google Play Store instead. Learn how to cancel the Google Play Store subscription.

    Find the details of your Google Play Store subscriptions

    The first step is to have to locate the subscriptions you have. This is particularly important when you’re addicted to subscriptions and can’t remember the apps you’ve signed up for.

    Discover the Google Play Store subscription you have. Google Play Store subscriptions:

    1. Launch your account on the Google Play Store.
    2. Tap on the profile icon.
    3. Select the Payments and Subscriptions.
    4. Go into Subscriptions.
    5. You’ll be able to see the active and expired subscriptions on this page.

    How do you pause the Google Play Store subscription?

    The first thing to be aware of is that canceling is one of many alternatives. If you’re in a pinch for money, sometimes it’s possible to stop the payment for some time and then continue with your subscription the following. Some apps do provide this feature. However, it’s worthwhile to check whether they offer it.

    Stopping the Google Play Store membership:

    1. Launch your account on the Google Play Store.
    2. Tap on the profile icon.
    3. Select Subscriptions and payments.
    4. Go into Subscriptions.
    5. Select the service you would like to suspend.
    6. Tap Manage.
    7. You’ll notice a payment pause if the application offers this option. Choose the option.
    8. You can choose the duration you’d like to stop for. All you have to do then is press Confirm.

    Important Notes

    Before starting the cancellation process, be sure you’re connected to your correct Play Store login. If not, your subscription won’t be listed in the app.

    When you cancel your subscription, you will not waste anything. It’s still possible to access the app when you have paid. This is the case for monthly and annual subscriptions. If, for instance, you purchase a yearly subscription in December 2021 and decide to cancel the subscription a month later, you can continue using your account until the end of December 2021.

    Summary of subscriptions

    A subscription is a collection of advantages users can access within a specific time. For example, a subscription may allow users to use a streaming music service.

    It is possible to have several subscriptions to the same app that can represent various kinds of benefits or different tiers within one set of advantages (“Silver” as well as “Gold” tiers, for example).

    By using base plans or deals, you are able to create several configurations for the subscription program. You can, for instance, make an offer to introduce customers who have yet to subscribe to your app. You can also develop an upgrade option for those who have already enrolled.

    For an in-depth description of the subscription services, including base plans, essential plans, and special offers, refer to the Play Console Help Center manual.

    Prepaid plans integration

    Prepaid plans cannot automatically renew after expiration. In order to extend their subscription without interruption, users are required to top up their prepaid plans with the same subscription.

    To top up your purchase, open the bill flow similarly to the initial investment. There is no need to declare that the purchase is an upgrade.

    Top-ups for prepaid plans always employ the substitute mode of CHARGE_FULL_PRICE, which means that you do not need to explicitly set this mode. Users are immediately charged for the full payment period, and then their rights are extended for the length of time that is specified in the top-up.

    What kind of subscriptions may I change?

    There is a good chance that every app includes a program or subscription that allows you to use it in a specific capacity. The majority of the time, they are connected to the Google account. The apps that utilize Google Play billing will show on the Google Play Store. Google Play Store app and site when you make a purchase. When you sign up to subscribe directly with a debit or credit card, they aren’t available on Google Play Store. Google Play Store.

    Using Google Play billing makes it easier to monitor your active subscriptions and see the whereabouts of your cash. If you look at these subscriptions, it will show you how much you’re paying and the type of plan you’re currently on. You’ll also be able to view which credit card or bank account you’re paying using and set up a backup system.

    Can I cancel my Google Play subscription? Google Play

    There are two options for ending a subscription with Google Play. The first is using Chrome to perform the process on a PC or Mac. This is the most simple and popular method, as it allows you to stop subscriptions if you want to. Another technique to end subscriptions is using your Android phone and Google Play Store app. This article will cover both options.


    If you uninstall the app removed from Google Play, and there’s an existing subscription for that app, then the subscription will be automatically canceled. Any future subscriptions that you make from the app will be canceled.

    If you choose to end a Play Pass subscription, you’ll be denied access to the following.

    • In-app purchases
    • Paid applications and games
    • Experience without ads

    How do I start a Google Play Store subscription?

    Sometimes, you’ll have to suspend or terminate subscriptions because they’re unsuitable or you’re just too busy to use the benefits. However, the good news is you can restart them. For instance, if you’ve purchased a brand new Fitbit and would like to continue your Fitbit Premium subscription, you can follow this guideline you can do it.

    Start a Google Play Store account:

    • Open Google Play Store. Google Play Store.
    • Click on the profile icon.
    • Subscribers and Select Payments.
    • Go into Subscriptions.
    • If you’ve recently canceled an account or suspended it, it’ll show in the menu. Click the option.
    • Click Resubscribe and follow the steps. Your subscription will be renewed within minutes.

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