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How to Change Address on Depop

    Depop allows you to use the platform to market clothing and other products on the internet. It has an extensive online marketplace with over fifteen million registered users. However, some users have several issues with their Depop accounts. Based on research online, it is evident that many inquiries request to change the address on depop. Follow the steps below if you’re among the people who have asked to modify your address, shipping, and address on depop.

    How to change the address of depop:

    • The first step is to start any browser you prefer and then visit the official site of the Depop.
    • Click the Login button and type in your username or Email address and Password’.
    • Once more, click the “Login” button, and you’ll be able to sign in to your account.
    • Tap on “Delivery.”
    • Click on the shipping toggle and click on “Turn On.”
    • Select the “Ship” option with Depop.
    • Then, you must write down your address for shipping. (Street Name, Pin Code, Landmark and other)
    • Click the “Confirm” button…

    How do I set up an entirely new Depop account?

    Depop cannot allow users to create two accounts at a time. So, sometimes, users will need to close the old account to create another. Be aware that Depop will not erase your report if there are any disputes. For example, you are involved in an ongoing debate, such as not delivering an item you’ve purchased.

    Is Depop completely safe?

    Depop is a secure online marketplace to buy and sell clothes. You can find items using location or price, designer or fashion. Depop also comes with the feature “safety tips” that offer helpful advice on remaining secure while using the application.

    How do I change my Depop account?

    To modify the email address associated with your Depop accounts, you must have an alternative email address. If you don’t have an email address, You can establish an email account with or other service providers. After that, go to the application and tap the “Settings” button located at the upper-right edge of your screen. From there, select “Account Settings” and then “Change Email.” Next, enter the new email address, and click “Save Changes.

    Can you be removed from Depop?

    We can suspend accounts for one of these reasons. The following reasons apply to Prohibited items. First, transactions are not processed as part of the Depop app-based payment platform—abuse or harassment towards other Depop staff or customers.

    What’s the reason I can’t have PayPal modify my address?

    The primary address you have in PayPal serves as your delivery address, so be sure to update it whenever you purchase online with PayPal. Unfortunately, you can’t alter your primary address to another country. So if you’re moving overseas and moving internationally, you’ll need to shut down the PayPal account and open with a fresh one.

    How do I edit my personal information on Depop?

    Select ‘profile’ then select “username”. Modify the information you need. Click save when you’re done.

    Do I have the option of having a different shipping and billing address on PayPal?

    Although Paypal orders can be sent to an address distinct to the one used as the payment address, the lessons you wish to ship your order to must already be stored within your Paypal account before making the purchase. PayPal is not available for the following kinds of subscription orders.

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