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how to change alarm sound on iphone

    Are you tired of listening to the same alarm tone on your iPhone daily? If so, it’s time to change things! This article will walk you through how to alter the Sound of your Alarm on your iPhone to start your day with a fresh tone.

    After setting a brand alarm for a new time on your iPhone, you can select the tone that plays when your Alarm goes off. The default alarm tone is Radar. Sound, while Alert, is the vibration you will hear when it goes off.

    You can choose various sound effects on your own if you wish to have multiple alarms set on your smartphone. The Alarm could be set to either vibrate in the form of Sound, only sound only, or to vibrate and alert you to the Sound.

    We’ll show you how to alter the alarm tone and the vibration.

    How do you change the Sound of the Alarm on your iPhone?

    Changing the alarm tone in your iPhone is a breeze and is a straightforward procedure.

    Look for the Clock application and then tap it. It’s within the utility folder, but you could find it in other places, pinned to your home screen.
    Press Edit if you’d like to modify an existing alarm, and then tap + on the right side if you wish to create a new notice.
    If you have an alarm in place, tap on the red circle and then the white line next to the Alarm that you would like to alter.

    Tap Sound. This will allow you to access the sound options.
    Pick the Alarm that you would like to make. Then you will see an instant preview of five seconds when you click the Alarm. Chimes, as well as Night Owl, are two of the least irritating options. Radar will make you want to blast your brains.
    Once you’ve chosen your option Once you’ve done, press Back to exit away from sound settings, and go back to Edit Alarm. Edit Alarm Page.
    Click Save to save the changes.

    Can the alarm sound be eliminated in an iPhone?

    In fact, “None” is an alternative on the Alarm’s website’s Sound page. If you only would like the Alarm to vibrate, it is possible to select that option.

    Additionally, by pressing the button Vibration located at the top of your screen, it is possible to select a different sound pattern for the specific vibration of an alarm.

    If you’d like to utilize the same arrangement as one Alarm, check out this post on setting the iPhone alarm that only vibrates.

    What can I do to remove the iPhone alarm?

    If you use an alarm such as an alarm to wake you up or a device you keep to remind yourself throughout your day, you might consider deleting the alarm choice.

    You can do this via Clock > Alarm, swipe left over the Alarm that you would like to turn off, and then choose to remove it.

    Set a Personalized Alarm Sound

    If you aren’t satisfied with the sounds of the Alarm, then you can create your own. Use these tips to modify your alarm sound.

    Get to the “Clock” app.

    Select the “Alarm.”

    Tap “Edit.”

    Click on the Alarm you want to alter. The “Edit Alarm” screen will be displayed.

    Tap on “Sound.”

    In the “Songs” section on the “Sound” screen, select “Tone Store.” You’ll be directed to iTunes with many ringtones available for buy. There are also alarm tones from the famous voices of characters.

    If you’ve purchased tones but haven’t downloaded them onto your phone, choose “Download All Purchased Tones.” Apple will check the purchase and download the techniques.

    Its ringtone(s) is displayed in”RINGTONES” in the “RINGTONES” section.

    What is the best way to change the alarm sound on iPhone?

    iPhone can also alter their phone’s vibration for every Alarm. Follow these steps to modify the pulse of the Alarm on your iPhone device.

    Users must start the Clock application on the iPhone Home screen.
    Select the Alarm button, which is displayed on the right side of the screen. You can edit the sound Alarm.
    Select Edit.
    Pick the Alarm you want to edit and proceed to the edit Alaram page.
    On the Edit Alarm screen, click on the Sound option.
    Select the vibration pattern at the top of the Sound screen to look through all vibrations.
    Tap the pattern in any way you like, and the user will receive tiny samples of every Sound each time they press.
    To turn off the vibration, move towards the bottom of the Vibaryion screen and select”None.

    It is also possible to create the custom vibration after choosing the desired beat on the Sound screen, scrolling between the Custom Click on”Create New Vibration.” Create New Vibration.

    Click and hold, then let go of the screen to generate the vibration pattern. It appears in the bar in the lower-left corner of the screen. The Taps are represented in dots. The more prolonged vibrations can be identified when you hold your finger on the bars.

    How to Adjust Alarm Volume on iPhone

    This quick tip shows you how to change the iPhone alarm’s Volume to the optimal setting. How do you change this? By following the below steps:

    1. Change the Volume of the Alarm Clock

    As you may think, the Volume of the alarm clock does not exist within the iOS Clock app. This article will show you how to boost or reduce the Sound of the Alarm for iPhones and iPad:

    Launch the Settings application.
    Select Sounds & Haptics.
    Slide the slider in Ringer or Alerts to alter the Volume of alarms. Be aware, as is the name of this feature, it can also change the Volume of iPhone notifications, ringtones, and other notifications.

    1. Change the Volume for Alarm Clock in Ringer and Alert iPhone

    If you’d like to alter the volume level of your alarm clock by using the volume buttons on the back of your smartphone, You can do that as well. You need to enable the slider for Change with Buttons in that similar section of the Ringer and Alerts.

    1. iPhone Alarm with Changed Volume

    It is always helpful to know where basic options like these are. But, it would be great if the Volume of alarms had its settings instead of being tied to the alarm ringer or alerts.

    What’s the default alarm tone for the iPhone?

    If iPhone users set up an alarm using their iOS device, It will use “Radar” as the default “Radar” tone.

    If you access the Sound screen to set the tone or pattern of vibration in a previous alarm, you’ve created, you aren’t able to alter the style that is the default for subsequent notices.


    This article can help you learn how to alter your Alarm’s Sound on the iPhone 13. It’s a straightforward and efficient change. You can adjust the Sound your Alarm emits, which can get your day started better if you listen to your favorite track or an enjoyable tone.

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