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How to Change Between Miles and KM in Google Maps

    Today, I share a fresh tip for novice or new Google Maps users using iOS. How do you switch kilometers to miles on Google Maps, iPhone, and iPad? You are likely acquainted with the iPhone’s Google Maps application. However, some people do not know how to change distance units in the Google Maps iPhone app (kilometers to miles or mile to Kilometers), access Google Maps offline for iPhone, or delete the map history or notification settings,

    The general rule is that Google’s online map and all other services are far more effective. This is evident in the features that come with the Google iOS map. It will likely instantly detect the distance unit according to the location. However, in some instances (with the faulty version), it does not perform as expected, or a few users don’t appreciate the screen (viewing) distance measurement.

    How to Switch From Miles to Kilometers in Google Maps on Mobile

    When combined with Google Maps on a smartphone, it will display the distance in imperial and imperial units. This scale, however, only shows up by default when zooming out or in. It is possible to make it visible at all times, like in the next section.

    In creating instructions, your default option is to choose automatically the units you’ll use according to your current location. It’s pretty easy to pick the units you wish to utilize.

    Switch from miles to kilometers in Google Maps on mobile:

    Launch Google Maps.
    Touch on your Google account’s icon.
    The icon won’t show if you’ve already searched for an address. You can close the location by pressing the X on the right side of the page, and the Google icon will appear.
    Tap Settings.
    In the menu for Using Maps, select Distance Units.
    Tap Kilometers.
    Your directions’ distances will be displayed in kilometers and meters.

    How to Change Map Scale Units in Google Maps on Windows or Mac

    Google Maps will usually default to the units widely used in your area. In the United States and the United Kingdom, the distances are shown in miles, not kilometers. In Europe, however, it is used to indicate kilometers.

    Click the scale bar to change the map’s scale units on the Google Maps desktop. Google Maps desktop website on your Windows 10 PC or Mac. Click the scale bar in the lower-right corner. It will show the switch between imperial and metric measurements.

    The scale bar can be selected to change to other measurement units, allowing you to swiftly look at the scale of your map in kilometers, miles, or other smaller units. If, for instance, you’re zoomed right into the house, you’ll see that the units are measured in feet or meters instead of miles.

    Why Change Miles to Kilometres?

    There are a variety of reasons individuals might require converting kilometers to miles:

    Another reason is the widespread adoption of Kilometers as the most popular distance measurement. Standardization helps ensure consistency and enhances communication, especially in countries where the metric system is extensively employed.
    Another reason is your personal preferences. Modifying Google Maps to show distance in kilometers could enhance your traveling experience and make it easier and more familiar.

    How Can We Measure Distance On Google Maps?

    It is possible to measure distance using Google Maps by following the steps as described in the following paragraphs:

    Start the application.
    Hold the position and tap.
    After that, click on the “more details” feature.
    Select the choice for ‘ measure distance.’
    Click the map and drag it to the location you want to go.
    Click on the “add point’ opportunity, and you will be able to find the distance between the two points below.

    What is The Default Language of Units in Google Maps?

    The default language used by units on Google Maps is English only, as the general default language is English.

    It is possible to change the language on Google Maps. You can quickly change the language in the Google Maps app, enabling it with your preferred language. In the end, all units are also changed to that specific language.

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