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How to change bluetooth name on iphone

    If you connect a Bluetooth device to another and both Bluetooth devices could have their names displayed when connected on the second device. This will help you ensure you’re connecting to the right device. However, you might be interested in knowing how to modify your Bluetooth label on your iPhone if you feel that the Name currently used is too vague or completely wrong.

    Your iPhone comes with Bluetooth technology and can recognize other Bluetooth devices. The iPhone uses its current device’s Name to identify it through Bluetooth. The iPhone generally uses the device’s name as your own, which is why an example of a popular iPhone Bluetooth name might be “Matt’s iPhone.” But If you own multiple iPhones or multiple people who have the same name on your network, it might be difficult to identify a particular device.

    Luckily, the iPhone device can change its Name easily, and it is possible to do it directly by using the device. Follow our step-by-step instructions below to locate this setting and alter the phone’s Bluetooth name to the one of your preference.

    How can you change the name you want to be displayed on your iPhone?

    Your Name on your iPhone implies that you own the phone. It is helpful when connecting with a Bluetooth device to your iPhone. The iPhone lets its users modify their discoverable names. Personal identity for the iPhone device will also allow you to stand out. If the default name is not appealing enough, it is possible to follow these steps to find out how to alter the user name on your iPhone.

    How Can I Change My Bluetooth Name for an Accessory iPhone?

    Bluetooth accessories connected to an iPhone are equipped with default names for the devices they connect to. It is also possible to give these devices names that are unique to distinguish them. In particular, changing the title of AirPods helps them to keep track of when you have a lot of pairs scattered around.

    Turn on Bluetooth and connect the accessory before proceeding to the next steps.

    Select the Settings.

    Choose Bluetooth. The Bluetooth accessory must be off and connected wirelessly to the device.

    Touch the small encircled “i” (information) icon near the item.

    Setting on iPhone to modify Bluetooth device’s Name
    Choose Name and type in your new name on the screen that follows. Tap Do save the Name.

    How to rename Bluetooth Devices on the iPhone, iPad – iOS 16, iPadOS 16

    Click on your Settings app.
    Start your Bluetooth menu.
    Please connect to the Bluetooth accessory you wish to name, but it must be connected and paired before making changes to the names of your Bluetooth gadget within iOS 16.
    In the vicinity of the Bluetooth device, click on (i).
    Then, you’ll see the Name field. Tap it, and then change the name of the Bluetooth device. This will help you figure out the Bluetooth devices with no confusion.

    Change the Name of your Bluetooth Devices to avoid confusion.

    If you’ve already used Bluetooth to connect devices to your iPhone and iPad, you should take the time to change the Name of the device to help you avoid confusion for the next use. The change won’t affect the connection in any other way.

    Other than changing the name on your phone, you may also change how other users view your information when connecting to an iPhone by changing your Name on the iPhone device.

    Rename Bluetooth Device Video Tutorial

    For more information about the iOS 16 hidden feature, watch our video tutorial below:

    iOS 16 has been announced by Apple at WWDC 2022 and is currently in the beta testing stage. Developer Beta can be installed on any compatible iPhone with this trick. It is expected to release the iOS 16 Public Beta is scheduled for July, and the public release is scheduled for the fall of this year.

    If you’re not yet ready to try something new, keep an eye on us, as we’ll post every day new features to be added to iOS 16! You can be part of the hype by downloading and installing the standard iOS 16 wallpapers on your iPhone!


    Changing the Name solves the issue of having to manage multiple Bluetooth devices. When a device is renamed can be easily found through your iPhone. This article on changing the Bluetooth names on iPhone explores all possible methods of changing the Name.

    We hope you’ve learned how to change the names of your iPhone quickly from this article. You might want to look through our thoughts on various subjects for more information. For instance, how to erase an app hidden from your phone or the top free photo collage applications for iPhone.

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