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how to check visa gift card balance

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    If you activate a Visa gift card, you are free to use it for whatever you want — be it groceries or an extravagant gift. The card may have been sitting in your Wallet unused for weeks, and you still need to remember what it contains.

    It’s easy to check the Visa gift card account balance.

    What if you added the card to your smartphone’s Wallet?

    For security, once the Visa gift card is added to your smartphone, it will be locked.

    You can’t access these details through the Wallet App if your Visa gift card is physically stored. This information should be copied and stored in a safe location if the physical card is to be thrown away.

    The original activation link for your Visa gift card can be found in your email if it was digitally sent. From this link, you should be able to access your balance.

    How do I know the current balance on my Gift Card?

    When you pay with your credit card, it deducts the value of the transaction from the balance available on the card. Keep track of purchases, and make sure you know the balance on your card before going shopping. Because your gift card functions like a debit/credit card, merchants can’t view your balance. To check your balance, call toll-free at 866.833.2370 or check online at The 16-digit card code and 3-digit security codes are located on the rear of the card.

    Visa Gift Cards Have Many Advantages

    Visa has provided payment solutions through gift, debit and credit cards since 1958. This financial institution is a veteran in the industry and has amassed enough knowledge to retain its loyal customers. Visa offers many advantages to its cardholders.

    Benefits include, but are not restricted to:

    Gift cards are just like any other gift certificate. They can be used to purchase anything.
    The gift card allows you to choose from any retail store, reducing stress. With this feature, your gift card functions like a regular debit card. However, it is not possible to use the card to withdraw cash.
    Visa gift cards are easy to use. It is easy to use. Give it to your cashier, who will take care of the rest.
    The cards that were lost or stolen can be replaced.
    Visa cards make it easier for travellers to travel the globe.

    I need money on my Visa Gift card. Do I need to throw this away?

    To return the item you purchased, the original card will still be required. Keep your card safe for as long as you can.

    How can I refund a Visa Gift card purchased?

    Visa Gift cards are required. Your card may get credited back if the merchant handles the refund like any Visa transaction.

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