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How to Choose Between a Laptop and a Desktop Computer

    There has been an enormous surge in the uptake of portable computing devices since the first quarter of 2020 when we were all abruptly forced indoors and to work from home. Devices like laptops and tablet computers have outsold their traditional desktop counterparts by large percentages. According to Statista, only around 80 million desktop computers were sold in 2021 compared to the 276 million laptops and 159 million tablet computers sold in the same period.

    This might make it sound like the traditional desktop computer is dead or on its way into the history books, but that isn’t true at all. There are still many compelling reasons to choose a desktop computer over a laptop. Here are a few quick ways to help you decide which you need.

    Do You Need to be Mobile?

    Let’s get the obvious out of the way first. Do you need to be able to move your computer around or work in different locations? If you do, the only natural choice is a laptop computer. For the ultra-mobile amongst us, these devices can weigh slightly less than a kilogram at their lightest and feature long battery life for those on the go. If you travel for business or visit clients, you’ll definitely want a laptop. School-going kids and college students would also do well with a portable computing device.  

    You’ll Sacrifice for Portability

    While the mobility offered by a laptop computer is often desirable or necessary, you do lose out on some things by not opting for a desktop computer if you don’t really need to move around. Desktop computers can use more power, and thus can offer better performance, particularly when it comes to heavy computing loads like large mathematical calculations in Excel or statistics. They’re also unmatched when it comes to upgrades. It’s easy to add an SSD Drive for Desktop to your computer to expand storage. They’re also usually better suited for gaming and entertainment – though gaming laptops have made significant progress.

    The Enthusiast Wants a Desktop

    It’s not only the ability to add much more powerful graphics cards to desktops that you should consider, its also their customisability. Fancy, sleek and great looking computer cases adorned with bright and colourful lighting and RGB accessories turn a boring looking computer into something of an enthusiast’s playground. Desktop computer cases with tempered glass or Perspex sides can expose the inner workings of the computer for all to see too, promoting the customisation of looks which has always been popular with enthusiasts. 

    In Summary

    Ultimately, the real choice comes down to two real questions. The first of these questions is whether you need the portability, and that will force your hand somewhat into selecting a laptop computer over a desktop. The second is what sort of upgradability and customisation you want from your computer – and the more of this flexibility you want, the more inclined you should be to choose a desktop computer.

    There’s the perfect system for you out there. Do your research and select the perfect option for your needs.

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