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How To Clean A Bong

    Bongs can be a great method to experience high. If you’re looking to get steady highs using the bong you have, make sure to keep it in good condition.

    It’s true that smoking can be harmful to your lungs. When you’re using bongs, the majority of the harmful stuff which would have into your lungs end up in the drinking water as well as in the inner part in the inside of your bong. The constant taking of hits in a bong that’s dirty means more than taking poor hits. You’re getting rid of the crap which should have been removed. 

    After we’ve made you feel like cleaning up that soiled bong, Here’s the information you’ll require and the best way to go about it. Also, here are some suggestions because we love your health of you.


    Are you aware of the light yellow circular shape that appears close to the edge of the bong within two or three uses? It is the result of resin and tar created by smoking cannabis. It is this same substance that transforms your bong’s water from crystal clear and clear to a cloudy mess.

    As resin accumulates inside the bong, so do fungus, bacteria, and even mold. Consuming these pathogens may create grave health concerns. If health is a priority for you, wear your active hat as a worker and act to stop the growth of harmful bacteria. Make sure your bong is clean, and the bong’s water is clean for a more healthy experience while taking cannabis.

    Remember, the bong water won’t remove all of the resin and tar that are in the cannabis smoke. Utilizing MouthPeace filters MouthPeace filters will reduce the amount of resin, tar as well as pathogens inhaled while smoking cannabis. In addition to filtering the smoke, you’ll notice more fluid pull which will reduce your cough and the tightness that can be felt in your chest.


    Get rid of the stem and the bowl in order to safeguard them from being damaged when cleaning the bong. Put them where they are safe and secure. Then we’ll return to wash them in the near future.

    Make sure to fill the bongs with rubbing liquor and coarse salt.

    Rubbing alcohol (70 percent or higher) is the most common solvent to break down the buildup of resin in pipes, bongs, and dab rigs. Chemicals work by breaking up the resin’s structure and removing it from the inside of a filthy bong. Some bong owners prefer a non-isopropyl option due to the poisonous nature of ruby alcohol.


    Shake and stir the alcohol and salt mixture in order to speed up the process of cleaning and increase the effects. While the mix is being shaken, the salt cleanses the inner walls and assists the rubbing alcohol in dissolving the gunky resin buildup. Take the mixture off and repeat the process as needed.


    Rinse the bong thoroughly with hot water. It is possible to give your bong a scrub using dish soap, too. Then, rinse the bong several times to get rid of any remaining isopropyl alcohol. In the words of Dr. Michael Kaliszewski in a paper released by the AAC, Rubbish alcohol is poisonous and unsafe to drink in any form or quantity.

    Final Touches:

    For a thorough bong clean, use a Q-tip to remove any remnants in the small, hard-to-access parts inside the bong. Pro suggestion: use pipe cleaners when the Q-tips aren’t reaching.

    Keep your bong clean:

    If your bong is sparkling clean, we should ensure it stays as clean as it can be! In order to avoid the formation of the growth of mold, bacteria, and the buildup of resin, you should ensure that your bong is cleaned following each use. This technique can slow down the speed at which your bong begins to become filthy.

    Clean your bong with a good cleaning every week or as soon as you see the formation of resin. Certain cannabis smokers using bongs will wait for a month between deep cleanings. The time interval between deep cleanings varies based on the frequency with which the bong is utilized. Choose a suitable cleaning routine for your bongs and adhere to it so that you don’t consume harmful pathogens.

    A final tip: Water stored in a container or in the water from a bong that is dirty can be a source of the growth of fungal and bacterial organisms. This can raise the chance of getting sick from eating harmful pathogens. Protect your body’s lungs and organs secure by pouring it out, cleaning the bong, and drying it during use.

    Why Should I Clean My Bong?

    There are many reasons why it is important to clean your bong, and here are just a few:

    The taste: A stained bong will affect the taste of your smoke, which can make the smoke unpleasant and harsh. Cleaning your bong can remove the accumulation of resin as well as other particles, which allows you to have a smoother and cleaner smoking.

    Health: A soiled bong could be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria that could affect health, particularly during regular usage. Regularly cleaning your bong ensures that your bong is clean and safe for use.

    The longevity of your bong is enhanced by regular cleaning. Extend the lifespan of your bong while saving you money in the end term.

    Relaxation: A well-maintained bong will give you pleasant smoking enjoyment.

    Best Way To Clean A Bong

    There are a few items to wash the bong prior to getting right down.

    List of Materials

    Before you start looking at the most efficient method to clean bongs, you need to know a few items you should find.

    Isopropyl alcohol (at minimum 90 percent concentration) It’s a strong solvent that will effectively dissolve and get rid of the dirt from the bong.

    Salt (coarse salts, such as sea salt or kosher Salt) Salt is an Abrasive, and it can aid in cleaning the resin, making the cleaning process more efficient.

    Small brush: It will help you get to every tiny crevice and difficult-to-access area of your bong. Make sure that each and every one of them is spotless.

    Saran wrap can be used to protect the openings in the bong to hold a clean solution in the bong.

    Ziplock bags make the perfect container for soaking any small pieces of your bong, like the stem and bowl, in the solution for cleaning.

    Paper towels: Essential for drying your bong following cleaning.

    The water is needed for washing the cleaner and any debris before drying using a clean towel.

    Rubber bands are used to seal and secure the saran that is wrapped around openings.

    Gloves made of latex: To prevent your skin from cracking and drying upon contact with cleaning solutions.

    Make the Bong Cleaning Solution

    Two of the main components for your homemade cleaner for your bong are alcohol and salt. Some people prefer some vinegar or even mouthwash. Alcohol is one of the most well-known choices, but it’s also among the most risky. The flammability of alcohol is high! The idea of putting a fire on the glass or pipe (i.e., immediately after cleaning it) is not a great option!

    The ideal salt to choose is table salt with no iodine. Smokers may prefer rock salt, which is generally larger and might not be able to reach every nook and cranny in the most complex glass pipes or bongs. In addition, a lot of rocks squirting around inside the glass of your bong might not be a good idea. (Kryptonite’s cleaner is clay-based and doesn’t contain debris as salt or any other abrasive cleaners).

    When you’ve got your alcohol and salt, Pour about half a cup of salt in the opening on top. If the glass or water pipe includes percolators, then you’ll need to pour about half a cup of salt in the bottom opening. This is assuming an 18-inch glass or water pipe. If your pipe is bigger or less than 18 inches, you need to adjust the amount accordingly.


    Cleansing resin is the primary goal for cleaning your bong. The times have changed, and a lot of users are now using innovative cleaning products specifically designed for bongs that clean. Resolution Colorado Cleaning Gel has become an extremely well-known cleaning product, and one of the benefits is that it’s reusable.

    The most efficient way to keep your bong clear is by using Res Gel, which is paired with the MooseLabs MouthPeace. It’s an easy method to use where your bong will be sparkling fresh and clean. MouthPeace decreases the number of bacteria by 5,924% while sharing bongs with others. Not not only would you like to maintain the cleanliness of your bong, but it is also important to be sure that you’re not breathing in the resin or tar every when you take the bong off, which is precisely that’s what MouthPeace was created to accomplish.

    This is definitely one of the best options you can make when it comes to you are cleaning your bong and also making sure your bong is clean to come back in the future!

    If you’re concerned about growing mold and bacterial growth within your bong Moose Labs did ample research to determine what amount of bacteria are in your bong and what it is that makes it so crucial to keep your bong clean and stop the spread of bacteria by the use of MouthPeace.


    • The typical Cannabis pipe …
    • More bacteria, 1304% higher, are present than in the average bowl of dog food
    • More than 530% of the bacteria on the screen of a mobile phone
    • Ninety-two percent more bacteria are present than the ATM Keyboard
    • 90 percent more bacteria than the contents of a garbage dumpster
    • 49% more bacterial than the seat of a toilet

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