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How To Clear Google Maps History

    You can delete your Google Maps records through your Google account’s Settings net page.
    Deleting your Google Maps records will reset the locations that Google Maps recommends to you.
    By default, the Google Maps app tries to tune your area facts. It statistics the locations you visit, so if you go to the same locations a couple of times, it is aware to suggest those locations to you inside destiny.

    This can be an absolutely useful function, but for privacy-minded customers, information that Google is recording you’re circulating probably outweighs the blessings.

    Luckily, you can clean Google Maps’ area statistics through the internet website or cellular app. This now not first-class erases all the facts that Google has saved approximately which you skip; however, additionally clears your Google Maps are searching for information.

    How to Clear Google Maps Search History on PC and Mac

    The fastest way to clean your Google Maps trying to find statistics is to get the right access to the location information in your Google account. You can try this rapid on a PC or Mac with the use of your net browser.

    To smooth Google Maps trying to find information on a PC or Mac:

    • Open the Google My Activity net website online and sign on.
    • Select the Web & app activity opportunity at the front internet page.
    • Under See and delete hobby, press the Google Maps icon.
    • From the drop-down, pick out the deletion time frame you need to use—Google Maps will begin deleting your statistics mechanically.
    • Once the deletion is whole, press OK to confirm.
    • After clearing your Google Maps are attempting to find statistics, you could need to configure Google to mechanically delete your facts in some time.

    Clearing your search history

    You can put off places you regarded up out of your Google Maps records so that they don’t appear for your cutting-edge searches. It does now not depend on which tool you whole the approach from, as your statistics are deleted from Google’s servers, meaning that clearing it on a computer makes it disappear from your telephone. These steps may not affect the places you reviewed or introduced to lists and only removes them from your searched gadgets.

    On your Android device

    If you have been given your telephone handy, clearing your seek history takes more than one step:

    • Open Google Maps for your phone.
    • Tap your profile photo inside the higher-proper nook.
    • Tap Settings.
    • Tap Maps facts.
    • Confirm your identity with the useful resource of tapping the Verify button.
    • The Maps Activity show indicates your present-day interactions with Maps, whether or not or not you’ve got been searching out a place, sharing suggestions, or something else.
    • Google Maps Activity
    • To get admission to your information from a specific date, faucet the calendar icon inside the higher-left nook.
    • To delete an interest, tap the X next to each to get the right of access.
    • To bulk-delete sports, tap the Delete button inside the better-right corner and choose the time frame for that you’d like your hobby long beyond. This is likewise wherein you can delete all your seek records.
    • To automatically delete your activity after an effective quantity of time, use the faucet Auto-delete.

    How to delete Google Maps history from your iPhone or other iOS device

    These commands exercise to every iPhone and iPad. To cast off Google Maps records from your iOS device, have a look at the steps.

    • Open the Google Maps app with the use of your Google account.
    • Tap the Menu button.
    • Tap Settings.
    • Tap Maps History.
    • To see your entire Maps data, type Maps in the are trying to find area and tap Done. Tap Filter thru date and enter a date range (or leave it as All-Time). Choose Apply.
    • Tap the vertical menu (3 dots vertically located at the pinnacle proper of the hunt effects).
    • Tap Delete Results to cast off all your information. Tape Delete again to confirm.
    • To delete personal gadgets out of your are-seeking records, scroll to the object and tap the vertical menu (3 dots vertically placed on the higher proper of every object). This is similar to Android.
    • Tap Delete next to each to get an entry that you need to be eliminated. Continue doing this for every item you want to be removed in case you moreover need to maintain a few gadgets.

    How to delete your Google Maps history on a computer

    • Go to maps.Google.Com on your Mac or PC and click the three stacked strains in the pinnacle-left corner.
    • Select Your data in Maps.
    • Under Google-extensive Controls, you can see Location History — click on the See and delete hobby in that section.
    • Click the crimson area within the backside-left corner of your Timeline that suggests how many places you have visited and saved.
    • Click the garbage can icon to delete all of your saved places.

    How to clean your Google Maps search history automatically.

    You can permit automated deletion of your history through the app settings. In order to do that, you need to:

    • Launch Google Maps, open Menu, and pick Settings.
    • Go to Map History, faucet Menu inside the top proper nook of the show, and select Choose to delete robotically.
    • Here you can set the time c programming language for saving the hunt facts – within 3 to 18 months. In order to confirm the change of the settings, faucet Next.
    • History devices that are not made for the duration of the desired length are probably deleted robotically on each day’s foundation.

    Deleting Google Maps are trying to find records through CCleaner.

    Many Windows clients are familiar with CCleaner, which is designed for clearing computer systems’ reminiscence from numerous forms of needless facts: cookies, app cache, quick files, and so on.

    There is a model of CCleaner for Android as nicely. This software program software would possibly no longer soak up an entire lot of place, it genuinely works correctly, and speedy can also be downloaded completely loose.

    CCleaner app can be used for the deletion of Google Maps history and apps cache too. Via the Analyze and Clear feature, you may pick the items you want to test and easy. In order to characteristic an object to the list for scanning genuinely faucet at the item. The app’s cache is scanned and erased in an obligatory manner.

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