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How To Clear Recommended In Windows 11

    Windows 11 includes a new Start menu, which removes Live Tiles in preference to traditional icons and features a more minimalist layout. The most significant feature is”Recommended,” which refers to the “Recommended” Section that replaces Timeline and provides suggestions on opening recently opened applications and files.

    While allowing you to access recent documents or files can be helpful, it’s only for use by some. If you think this is your situation, eliminating the “Recommended” Section from the Start menu is impossible. However, Windows 11 Settings The Windows 11 Settings app lets you block all objects you don’t want to be displayed in the menu and is close to removing the function. Furthermore, the 2022 Update has a new option to change the Start menu’s layout to display the most pins and fewer suggestions.

    This article will explain how to deactivate”Recommended. The “Recommended” Section shows things in the menu called Start.

    How to Remove Recommended in Windows 11

    The easiest method to remove the Recommended tab in the Windows 11 Start menu is through Settings. This is how you can do it:

    1. Use your “Win + I” keyboard shortcut to launch Settings. Alternatively, find “Settings” in the “Start” menu.

    2. Select “Personalization” from the left-hand sidebar.

    3. Click on “Start.”

    4. Shift the switch next to “Show recently opened items in Start, Jump Lists, and File Explorer.” Disabling “Show recently opened items in Start, Jump Lists, and File is possible. You may also turn off “Show most used apps” and “Show recently added apps.”

    Necessary: Deleting “Recently opened items” will remove your most visited web pages from the Taskbar.

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    Easily Remove the Recommended Section From the Start Menu!

    That’s right. I guess you can observe that removing the “Recommended” area from the menu in Windows 11 is easy. In addition, you can modify the experience of using the Start Menu in Windows 11 using our related tutorial. After you’ve learned what it does:

    1. Go through the other tutorials to find out how to eliminate other annoying issues after upgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 11.
    2. Stop ads from your Windows PC and turn off mouse acceleration on your system if you are gaming.
    3. If you don’t like the new, centred Windows 11 Start Menu, find out how to access the traditional Windows 10-style Launch Menu in Windows 11. If you have additional complaints regarding Microsoft’s brand-new desktop OS, let us know in the comments area, and we will assist you.

    New Changes to Start Menu on Windows 11

    Start Menu is undoubtedly very vital. Before discovering how to delete Start Menu Recommended Section content for Windows 11, We need to be aware of the modifications made and then consider why Windows could have implemented those adjustments. Whether we prefer it or not, understanding the source of the problem can provide us with a fresh view and, of course, better solutions to our problems.

    How do we Remove Recommended Items Individually From the Start?

    Use these steps to eliminate specific items from the menu’s Section titled “Recommended:

    • It took me to the menu for Start, and then opened it.
    • I was right-clicking an item within the recommended Section.
    • Choose the option to remove from the list.

    How can you uninstall the Recommended option From Windows 11?

    When you’ve completed the procedure after completing the steps, the item in the starting recommendation will no longer be displayed in the recommendations list. However, you can locate the item in its local location.

    If you own many things and items, you will find a button for a listing in the upper-right area. You can take items off the list by pressing the appropriate button.


    Windows’s modifications to its latest version are admirable in some places. Some things could be more disappointing and annoying. This Section of recommendations is an obstacle to those working with computers for a professional. Working in a hurry and having to manage all these extras can create a sense of frustration and uneasiness.

    No worries! Deleting the Start Menu’s Recommended section contents in Windows 11 is straightforward by using any of the previously mentioned options. It is possible to remove the Recommended Section. Is there any solution for the issues you face? We’re sure we’ve given you the correct answer for your “Recommended” section issues.

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