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How to Clear Search History on Google Chrome

    Each web browser saves a list containing the web pages you have visited. You can clear this list anytime, clearing your browsing histories and erasing any tracks saved on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. If you have used more than one browser, each browser will have its history, and you’ll need multiple locations to clear this history.

    Private browsing mode can be used to browse sensitive sites in the future. Your browser will not save any history. After you’re done browsing, your account will not be held.

    Follow these instructions to find out how to delete Google History from your Google Account.

    What information are you storing in your browser’s cache?

    Clearing your browser history does not erase the history of pages and websites visited. What other data does your browser store? To find out, press Ctrl+Shift+Delete in Windows (or CMD+Shift+Delete in MacOS), and then go to the Advanced tab.

    This is not the file itself; it’s just the list. It is used to find files on your computer quickly or download the same file again.


    These text-rich bits give websites information about you and keep you logged in.

    Cookies can be as complicated or as innocuous as they might seem. Third-party cookie tracking can be used to display personalized ads based on your online behavior, and they are often embedded in the ads you see on a site rather than in its code.

    Generally, a third-party cookie shows you what you are interested in on every website or app.

    Download cached images and files

    Your cache has local copies of images and other elements, which speeds up page loading. The store is used to save site images so that your browser can draw them from the cache whenever you visit a webpage you’ve seen. Clearing the cache will speed up your device since it clears up space.

    Passwords or other sign-in data

    Many browsers offer a built-in password manager. Your browser may ask you if you would like your credentials stored in an internal database so that you can log in to new websites. If you agree, the browser fills a login page with your credentials the next time you visit the website. This is also true for autofill data.

    Autofill form data

    Autofill automatically fills in data previously stored, such as credit card details and contact info. If you have to modify your credit card information or move to another location, the autofill will need to be removed from your browser.

    Site settings

    These permissions can be used to allow websites to use a camera or microphone and show or stop popups.

    Apart from this, there might still be browser-specific peculiarities. For example, it was clearing app data hosted in Google Chrome, which refers to data downloaded from the Chrome Web Store.

    What happens if your google search history is deleted?

    By deleting your Google search histories, you can remove any information that unscrupulous characters could have used. Apart from the humorous videos, news stories, and trivia, consider how many times your Google search history has been used to find an address, a number, or information about an employer. These data can be used to identify you, track you down in person, or provide other undesirable results.

    You can control what searches Google saves by going to your Google Account settings.

    Straightforward browsing data settings menu in Google Chrome

    Each web browser saves a list containing the web pages you’ve visited. This list can quickly be deleted. You’ll need multiple locations to clear history if you have used more than one browser.

    Clear Chrome Browser History

    Open Google Chrome on Windows, Mac, or Linux. Next, click the three-dot menu icon located in the top right corner of Google Chrome. Then hover your mouse cursor above “More Tools” to select “Clear Browsing Data.”

    To erase your entire browsing history, click the “All Time” drop-down option at the top of this screen. Then check the “Browsing records” chance. You can also clear your download history and cache cookies if you like. To end, click “Clear Data.”

    How to delete search history from Google Account

    It is easy to delete your search histories if you regularly use Google Search while signing in to your Google Account.

    • Log in to with a web or mobile browser.
    • Scroll down to Activity & timeline. Select My Activity (insert your password or two-factor authentication if the extra verification setting is enabled).
    • Select the three vertical dots at the top of your screen right above the search field and click Delete activity.
    • In the Delete Activity section, select All Time.
    • Choose which services to delete Activity or select All to choose all categories. Select Next.
    • To permanently delete your Google activity, click the confirmation box and choose Delete.

    Scroll down through your Google My Activity page (or use Google’s search function) until you find the search item you wish to delete. Click the three vertical dots that appear in the upper-right hand corner of the article to select Delete.

    Clear Cache and Browser History on Android

    To clear the cache from your Chrome application, follow these steps. Please note that the screen you see may vary depending on the configuration of your phone, settings, or Android version.

    • The menu button is located on the phone.
    • Select “Settings.”
    • Select Privacy & Security (Note: This step can be labeled “Privacy” on older versions.
    • Select “Clear Browsing Data” at the bottom.
    • Select the items you wish to delete.
    • Select the “Clear” link

    Your Chrome Android App has now been deleted from the cache. We recommend closing the Chrome Android app and starting it again.

    What is Google My Activity, and how can I use it?

    Google’s My Activity’ is an exclusive collection of your browsing activity and is often linked to Google.

    Web History, initially, was a second database tool that Google used to store and analyze your internet activity and browsing habits to offer a better experience. The Web History tool was eventually discarded and redirected instead to “My Activity,” which initially contained Google’s search data to provide better search functionality. Items from the old tool get merged into My Activity. But only things that are directly related to Google are saved there. Google’s My Activity tool, which includes many functional elements and improves personal Google experiences, is now available.

    Now your ‘My Activity pages are more than just search results. The collection includes pages clicked through searches, Google product pages, Google Play activity, and YouTube history, and it also contains map information and other pages. This article shows you how to clear that search history on iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows 10, but be aware that deleting information in ‘My Activity’ can alter the customized/personalized services and information presented to you by Google.

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