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how To Combine Multiple Powerpoints Into One

    It’s hard for two or extra people to paint on a PowerPoint presentation concurrently, as Office doesn’t have the same collaboration capabilities offered by using Google Slides. One manner around this trouble is to mix PowerPoint presentations right into a single report.

    Merging PowerPoints may be accomplished by both uploading the slides using the “Reuse Slides” option or with the aid of using the reproduction-and-paste technique rather. These commands are designed to paint for the state-of-the-art variations of Office, inclusive of Office 2016 and 2019, as well as Office 365 and Online. You might also find the commands vary for older versions of PowerPoint.

    How to merge PowerPoint shows

    If you need to enroll in or have greater exclusive displays inside the equal file, you need to feature some greater slides. Otherwise, you need to merge the collaborative work of different teams; all you need to do is observe these steps:

    • Open the first presentation. For this case, we’re going to use the template Minimalist Grayscale Pitch Deck.
    • Go to the Start menu > New Slide. Click on the drop-down, no longer at the button. A menu will open with extraordinary alternatives; pick “Reuse slides.”
    • A menu will open at the proper with encouraged shows. To upload yours, click on Browse. We are going to feature slides from the presentation Investment Business Plan.
    • Go to the place within the presentation in which you want the brand-new content to seem.
    • Choose which slides you need to feature and add them one by one by way of clicking Insert Slide. You also can upload the entire presentation by clicking on Insert All.
    • Pro tip: We advise that you hold the “Use source formatting” checkbox checked. This characteristic makes the presentation you are adding hold its authentic fashion as opposed to adapting to the format of the new one.
    • Simple, is not it? There is likewise any other approach, simply as brief and smooth, the use of the historic approach known as “reproduction and paste.” It consists of the subsequent:
    • Open the presentation wherein you want the brand-new slides to appear.
    • Open the opposite presentation and pick the slides you want to feature. You can pick out more than one via urgent Control and click on them, or you may select all of them with the aid of urgent Control + E. For this case, we are going to add three slides from the Business Plan with Elegant Backgrounds template.
    • Right-click on and press replica or press Control + C.
    • Now go to the first presentation, pick the vicinity and right-click> Paste or press Control + V. Remember to pick “Keep supply formatting.” This may keep the slides from losing their layout.

    Why is it beneficial to merge slides in PowerPoint?

    Merging slides in PowerPoint is useful for growing shows the use of your formerly created slideshows. When you revise the information, reinforce ideas, refute theories, or reference data from a preceding slideshow, you may use those precise slides in your new presentation. You can also merge slides in PowerPoint when creating shows for numerous audiences on the same subject matter. PowerPoint merge features will let you combine records to maintain your data regularly and make your presentation system extra efficient.

    Merge PowerPoint Documents

    Finally, you could choose to absolutely merge PowerPoint displays into one. Here’s how this technique works:

    • Open PowerPoint and open the primary presentation.
    • Click the Review segment of the Main Menu.
    • Click the Compare button; you may find it within the Compare segment.
    • Browse for the presentation you need to merge along with your main presentation and select it with the aid of double-clicking on it.
    • Once the merging is complete, you may see the Revisions pane proper of the merged shows.

    In the Presentation Changes element, you’ll see the variations among the displays and select which changes you want to keep and which you need to discard. PowerPoint Slide – Presentation Changes

    The Slide Changes component shows the differences between the personal slides of the two displays. Choose the settings you want to hold for the final version.

    Final Thoughts

    The techniques explained in this article will assist you in taking your PowerPoint competencies to the subsequent level. You will be capable of combining and merging your presentations like a seasoned in mere mins. Now that you know these PowerPoint tricks, you could better spend some time elsewhere.

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