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How to Connect Apple TV to WiFi Without Remote?

    Apple TV has become an essential component in every home, particularly if they enjoy entertainment. The advanced features are readily available, and it is possible to connect with the Internet and utilize the programs online.

    Many people want to know how to connect their Apple TV to wifi without the remote (wifi is crucial for sure!). If you’re in the same situation, we’re sharing guidelines and steps for you!

    How Can I Connect My Tv To wifi Without Remote?

    If you’d like access to your TV’s wifi without the remote, you can connect to a USB keypad and mouse the TV. Then utilize the mouse to navigate to the television’s wifi settings.

    How Do I Set Up My Apple Tv For The First Time Without A Remote?

    HDMI cables allow you to link your Apple TV to your television.
    Apple TV Apple TV must be plugged in and switched on. If it’s not, then you should unplug it to the source of power and then plug it back into the power source.

    How do you connect your Apple TV to the Internet without the remote!

    I conducted many studies to connect my Apple TV to wifi without a remote, and I found some helpful and efficient ways. If you have lost your remote or it’s not functioning, you can join your television to your network without needing a remote. To connect the Apple TV to wifi without the remote, you must first switch to your Apple TV and connect it to the router with the Ethernet cable. On the iOS device, launch your Settings app. Choose wifi from the menu left. Make sure wifi is activated. Choose the wifi network you want to connect to on the table of networks available. Enter your wifi password if prompted. If you are prompted, your iOS device will connect to the wifi network and then pass the connection to an Apple TV.

    Use an Ethernet cable Apple TV Remote app and the spare Remote from IR.

    Although this method has been demonstrated to be 100% effective every time, the solution requires to have access to a few factors:

    iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch using Apple TV Remote app-enabled

    Remotes with infrared technology of all kinds (standard TV remote or DVD player remote etc.)
    Connect to the wifi router
    If you’re not able to find one of these, the solution won’t be effective. If that’s the case, you must jump to the next option below.

    If you own all four of them, begin by connecting the one end of your Ethernet cable to the rear of your Apple TV and the other end to your wifi router.

    After these connections have been made, switch the on to your TV and ensure you can see your Apple TV show up in the picture. (If you can’t see Apple TV, use the TV input/source button towards HDMI.)

    Make use of your iPhone as a remote control.

    You can manage your Apple TV using an iPhone via the Remote Control Center Function and aren’t restricted in using AirPlay to protect your display.

    • Apple TV controls are automatically activated. Apple TV controls are automatically activated when you use iOS 12 or higher versions and iPadOS 13 and higher if it recognizes that you’ve set up the connections.
    • If your Remote’s icon doesn’t show up within the Control Center of your iOS device, open Settings > Control Center and manually add the Apple TV controls.
    • To enable Apple TV controls on the control centre, navigate the Customize Control menu and Click the Plus button next to Apple TV. Apple TV.
    • After that, swipe to display the Control Center. Then, press on the Remote icon. This will launch Apple TV Remote. Apple TV Remote.
    • The Apple TV can be connected Apple TV to the Internet by using an Ethernet cable once you have turned it on.
    • Navigating into Settings > Network wifi and selecting the wifi network you want to connect to in the drop-down menu, you can set up your wifi.
    • Follow the steps to set up the configuration and enter the four-digit PIN into either your iPhone or iPad to finish the process.

    Make wifi connections directly to Apple TV without a remote

    • Then connect your Apple TV to the TV in the room where you want to connect it. Connect it to the network with an Ethernet cable.
    • Check that your iPad and your iPhone are linked to that same wireless network via wifi. You can then use your iOS remote to connect and manage Apple TV. Apple TV (Remember: You cannot configure the Wireless network if the wired connection is active. When you disconnect the wired network and then connect to the wireless network, your iPad and iPhone remote app won’t be able to communicate with Apple TV).
    • Find the remote with keys for up-down, down, left-right back, and then choose.
    • Use an iPad or iPhone remote app to navigate the General menu option, then switch to the Remotes menu option.
    • Select “Learn Remote” from the Remotes menu choices. If your Remote is set, click “start”.
    • Apple TV will pop up an options box that you can use to select the appropriate button. Once it is taught the appropriate buttons for each of the six commands, it’ll allow you to do is give the remote a name.
    • You now are using a remote connected to Apple TV. Unplug your wired connection (ethernet) and navigate to General settings for Networks and set up wifi using the correct security settings set by your resort or host.
    • After connecting, you are connected to the Apple TV with an iPad or iPhone to connect again or with your Remote for temporary use. That’s all.

    Using an Alternate Apple Remote

    If you have an additional Apple TV remote, you can use it to control the existing Apple TV instead. To do that, delink your remote to your previous Apple TV by holding down the Menu button and the left arrow for 6 minutes. If you see a remote icon at the top of your TV to which your Remote was linked, it was unlinked.

    To pair the remote to your existing Apple TV and your Apple TV, press the Menu button, followed by the right button, for about six minutes. The remote icon at the top of your screen will show that the remote is successfully paired. Now you can use this remote to connect to wifi with the steps listed in the above instructions.


    The loss of the Apple TV remote will render your device ineffective. Being aware of connecting Apple TV to wifi without a remote can be an option if such an incident occurs. You can utilize the social share buttons listed below to send this information to your family and friends; you don’t know who could benefit from it.

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