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how to copy and paste on procreate

    Have you ever wanted to paste and copy your ideas into the Procreate App, but you haven’t been successful in figuring out how? Procreate is a high-quality device for any creator, illustrator, or inventive hobbyist! Transitioning from desktop design tools to mobile alternatives might be challenging at times. This is because of the fundamental differences in the hardware. If you’re unfamiliar with mobile software, basic operations such as paste and copying could be a bit confusing and Procreate an excellent choice on the iPad. In Procreate, you can duplicate and paste using three distinct methods. This is possible using layers as well as selections or the whole canvas. If you’re interested in how you can copy and paste in Procreate, this guide will help you understand the process!

    You can also duplicate and paste the selected layer using Procreate. This is done by sliding left and deciding on the “replicate” option in the layer panel. A layer can be pasted and copied by choosing pasting from the wrench menu following the click of the copy button within the properties of the coating. In Procreate, when someone wants to copy and paste specific portions of artwork, select the object using the criteria for selection, after which select copy and paste.

    How can one mirror a drawing using Procreate?

    Click on the Arrow button. It will be in the menu bar to the left.

    A menu bar is displayed towards the lower right of the display.

    Tap on “Freeform”.

    Now you can mirror your drawing vertically or horizontally.

    Here are some things to consider when you are looking to duplicate Procreate

    Procreate Duplicates: In Procreate, the method of copying something is through duplication. They don’t call it duplicate, but rather duplicate. This is why sometimes people are unsure of how to copy Procreate since there isn’t a function called “copy” but only “duplicate.”

    Procreate Works in Layers Like many design programs, Procreate works with layers. A single drawing could have many layers. Layers allow you to duplicate or copy just one layer.

    Duplicate or Copy Per Layer The reason layers are essential is because Procreate duplicates according to the layer. From a design perspective, this means that if you’re using the tool for reproducing, you must consider and design with the concept of layers. You can’t duplicate or copy only a portion of the layer, but you must repeat the whole layer.

    The Copied layer will be placed on the Layer’s Top. The layer you intend to duplicate or copy will be copied on top of the coating. In most cases, you’ll need to move the copied layer to where you’d like to place it on the canvas. You can do this using the move button or blue button on Procreate’s upper left-hand right side.

    Group Together Layers and Copy the Whole Layer – Procreate also lets you group together a few of the layers. After that, you can duplicate or copy each or all layers in the group.

    Procreate is the term used to describe when you group different layers into one group. In Procreate, the groups appear and behave as one layer. After being grouped, they will remain together until removed from the group.

    How Do I Copy a Selected Area in Procreate?

    Copying a specific area in Procreate is feasible. It will require some flexibility. Here’s the procedure. How can I duplicate an image in Procreate:

    Use the selection tool on the right side of the screen. This one looks like an S.

    Choose the freehand option, and draw using your Apple Pencil in the region you wish to copy.

    After the end and the start points are linked, click “Copy & Paste” in the menu for Procreate.

    This is how you can copy an area you have selected in Procreate. This is an accessible and helpful feature, particularly when you need to duplicate a small size or specific design or shape. It also gives the user great flexibility to copy and paste particular areas within Procreate.

    How do you duplicate parts of a drawing with Procreate?

    Use 3 fingers to move your fingers down over the selected layer.

    A menu will appear with a couple of options – Cut and copy, Copy All, Paste as well as Cut & Paste or Paste & Paste. Could you choose one of them?

    Continue to hold 3 fingers and swipe downwards to copy

    Things to Consider While copying and pasting with Procreate

    1. Stay Authentic and Know Why You’re Using It. Once you’ve mastered the art of duplicate and paste in Procreate, it’s as if you’ve learned the existence of a cake mix in a box. A simple concept that’s valuable!

    It’s possible to do things the traditional method by grabbing the baking powder and flour and ensuring that you have enough sugar, or you can crack several eggs into the cake mix.

    2. Be careful with your layers. Copy and Paste the newly created layer, or elements will get put into an image as a single layer. Truthfully, I’m terrible at managing layers within Procreate. It’s all a work in progress, aren’t we?

    Like you’d (or should, in my situation), add new components, ensure you’re putting elements in a separate layer when you’re required to put them in different layers. This will make it much easier should you be required to make adjustments later on.

    Pasting and copying is a fantastic Procreate feature that’s among the many advantages of digital art as opposed to traditional art. If you properly use it, it will open up a variety of options to boost the effectiveness of creating your artwork. If you don’t make it an excuse to get lazy, You’ll be able to gain another powerful feature of Procreate.


    Pasting and copying your work into Procreate is a fantastic method to cut down time and add elements to your artwork. It can also save your work in case of a problem. But that’s all there is to it in my guide on the process of copying and pasting in Procreate. Once you’ve learned how to paste and copy in Procreate, you’ll not need to be concerned about it, as it’ll become an element of your routine.

    Also, I hope you gained something from this guide about how you can copy-paste within Procreate! We’ll see you again,

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