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How To Cut A Papaya

    Papayas are a delicious fruit with the taste of mango, melon, and bananas, with an edgy flavor and smell. There are numerous varieties of Papaya in the world. However, the ones typically sold in stores in the US are oblong. The size varies from slightly more significant than a softball to almost as long as your forearm!

    What Does a Papaya Taste Like?

    Aside from the inside, fresh Papaya varies between bright and deep orange. It has an aperture containing round, black seeds that must be scooped out and thrown away before eating.

    The flesh is soft with a smooth, almost creamy texture like an ataulfo and Champagne mango, but it is firm enough to cut into bite-sized pieces.

    How to Tell If a Papaya Is Ripe

    Before cutting into your papayas, ensure the fruit is mature. The skin should change into a mottled yellow, and you will feel slightly flexed to the Papaya when you press it gently. (Don’t apply pressure too firmly!)

    Once the Papaya has reached its peak, you’re ready to cut it into pieces.

    How to Cut a Papaya Step-by-Step

    The size and ripeness of the Papaya will determine the ease or difficulty of the cut. Use these instructions to slice, peel as well as prepare the Papaya.

    • Cut the Papaya in length. Put the cut Papaya onto a board. Pick a sharp knife, like a chef’s knife, and cut the Papaya lengthwise. (Unripened Papaya can be more challenging to cut.)
    • Take out all papaya seeds. Scoop out the seeds using the help of a large spoon.
    • Peel off the skin. Flip the papaya pieces over and peel off the Papaya’s skin using a vegetable peeler. If you prefer not to take off the skin, you can use a spoon or baller for the melon to scoop out the flesh.
    • Remove the fruit. Utilizing a paring knife, cut the flesh of the Papaya however you’d like. You can cut it into huge slices, cubes, or julienne pieces for papaya salad.

    How to Eat Papaya

    Make mango cubes from Papaya in this sauteed Shrimp and Tropical Fruit Salsa, or use Papaya in place of fruit for the Berry Banana Smoothie.

    Papaya is also delicious and served with a bit of salty prosciutto, like this dish recipe of Papaya along with Prosciutto and Lime.

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