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How to Delete a Table in Google Docs

    When you hear about tables in the context of a Google Document, you might immediately think of Google spreadsheets. However, there are many occasions when the Google Docs document requires a table. Creating a table is easy enough; however, how do you remove the table from Google Docs?

    Since its introduction, Google Docs has made online collaboration work a reality. It’s a Microsoft Word-like browser application that’s cloud-based and provides distinct collaboration options. Even though Google Docs is a replica of MS Word, discrepancies still exist.

    However, Google Docs comes with several useful formatting options. However, these options might be a little difficult for those new to the program. There are some options right at your fingertips, and some, such as borders and tables, are a bit less obvious. Here’s how to eliminate the lines of tables in Google Docs and some other helpful formatting tips.

    How do I create a table on Google Docs?

    The goal of any table, no matter what software you are using, is to organize or combine data with helping you manage it. In Google Docs specifically, tables are generally inserted between text and organized data that complements that text.

    A table is composed of columns and rows that can arrange however it works for you. In Google Docs, tables Google Docs have boundaries, also referred to as gridlines.

    The goal of tables, no matter if it’s Microsoft Word or Google Docs, is to put information together, making it simpler to read and comprehend. Tables are usually placed within text paragraphs to show details in conjunction with the text.

    A table is composed of columns and rows that you can arrange however you’d like. You can add a brand new table in your Google Docs file by clicking Insert>Table and then select the number of columns and rows you require.

    Tables can be added to Google Docs and Google Slide to create quick presentations. Google Sheets is ideal for large-scale maintenance of data.

    Right-click and select the option to delete the table

    In this section, we’ll be talking about a method to delete the table from the Google Docs documents. If it is removed from a table, it is deleted from the document. The advantage of this method is that it’s easy.

    But, you can’t copy it to another place or in a document. This is the drawback of this technique.

    It is possible to retrieve the deleted table by using the Undo option or by navigating to another edition of the table. We will cover how to retrieve deleted tables in the future as well.

    Step 1: Open your Google Docs document.

    step 2: You may bypass this process if you already have tables in the document.

    Learn how to create a table using Google Docs.

    Step 3. Right-click on your table.

    Find your table, and right-click it. The right-click will bring up a lengthy drop-down menu.

    Step 4: Select Delete table.

    Select the “Delete Table” Delete table option in the drop-down menu. This will delete the table from your document.

    Step 5. Retrieve the table that was deleted.

    This step is not required. It is possible to follow this procedure should you wish to recover a deleted table.

    It is possible to use the undo option to retrieve tables that have been deleted. Use Control (or Command if you are on a Mac) then Z to reverse the deletion. Another method of using the undo option is to go on The Edit tab. Click the Edit tab in the upper right corner to launch the Edit menu. The first choice in this menu will be Undo. Click this option to restore you to the original table.

    You may also return to an earlier version of the document. You can do this by clicking this link in the upper right corner of the page:

    It will lead you to a webpage where you can look through earlier editions of the file. You can also restore one of them if you wish to.


    I hope this article will help you learn how to delete tables within Google Docs and gain access to additional formatting options.

    Tables, in general, can be an excellent tool if you know how to utilize them. The trick is to know when to add a table into the Google Doc and when to remove it.

    Remember that you can play playing around with tables. You can add rows and columns, alter the colors, change the text, and more. To suit your needs.

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