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How to delete cash app history

    Cash App is a well-known mobile payment app that lets users transfer and receive money. Every transaction is recorded to allow you to review it later.
    But, if you’re seeking to remove the cash App account’s transaction log, there’s no quick method to accomplish this. To erase your transaction history for security reasons, you must permanently remove your Account.

    How To Delete Cash App Transaction History? Possible Ways To Do So!

    Cash App is among the most convenient online money transfer destinations primarily accessible by people in the United States. It is among the many online payment platforms that allow you to transfer and receive funds securely and without hassle. The application for online transactions has created a significant change within the online transaction world. In just a couple of seconds, you can make the transaction that was previously not possible. Cash App provides several functions; however, many users have trouble with how to erase Cash App transactions.

    Are you among those? We have collected information on this blog that can help you determine whether it is possible to erase cash App transactions and, if so, what the procedure is. We’ll draw the attention of this post to get all the details in one place.

    How can you verify your history of transactions in the Cash App?

    Cash App also records everything similar to other money transfer applications. When you transfer and receive money, it is all stored. Furthermore, your Cash App payment history section preserves your stock and bitcoin transactions. In addition, pending and unsuccessful transactions are also stored and can be accessed at any time with only a few taps.

    If you’d like to look up the Cash App transactions history on the Cash, App Follow these steps:

    The first step is opening the cash App on your smartphone.

    On the left-hand right side, tap on the tab for activities.

    The next screen shows all transactions that you’ve made using Cash. App.

    Select an old transaction and find out more details regarding it, including the status of the transaction, date, and time.

    Deleting Your Cash App Account

    Before you erase your Account, you’ll need to note two things you need to know first. First, when you remove the cash App account, keep in mind that it’s permanent as per Lifewire.

    There is no deactivate for a time option like you would typically see across other social networks.

    The history of your Account and other information is permanently deleted after you have deleted your Account. It is possible to set up another account with the Cash App account. However, it will appear to be an entirely different account, according to HowtoGeek.

    In the case of the Account’s history, that is deleted permanently after a set period. Being a banking institution, they are legally obliged to keep a portion of accounts and transaction records.

    You may also be interested in downloading your account history before deciding to completely delete your Account just in case you have to reference this information in the future. It is no longer possible to retrieve your Account’s history once it’s deleted, as per Business Insider.

    How to Download Your Cash App Account History

    In the beginning, you’ll need to log into the Cash App account using your desktop browser so that you can save your Account’s history. Start any browser and then go to Cash App’s Cash App website and log in with your existing Account.

    Once you’re registered, click on Statements, and in the top-right-hand area of the dashboard, click Export CSV to access the CSV of your history. CSV Version of your Account’s information.

    Alternative to Deleting History – Hide Cash App Transactions

    If we’re trying to remove any Cash App money transfer history, We shouldn’t play around with the issue.

    If you’re an old cash App user, you know that your payment details are only visible when the transaction is completed or pending, and you can get an online receipt. It’s that easy!

    The entire transaction history is available in Cash. This cannot be accomplished by other apps such as Venmo.

    How can I erase the Cash App history from your iPhone?

    It is not possible to erase the Cash App transactions, but there’s no requirement to do it. It is also worth noting that there’s no way to erase these transactions since they deal with money, it’s not as easy as text messages, and since the money is legal tender, each time it is registered by the government whenever it moves from one individual to another through transfer. When you tap on a payment, it will display the details regarding the payment of the particular transaction and whether the payment is in progress or has been completed.

    How do I delete The Cash App history on Android?

    Is it impossible to delete the Cash App history? But you can opt to block transactions or to delete the Account completely.

    To delete your Account;

    Can you deactivate cash app accounts using?

    Open Account > Profile Icon > Support > Something Else > Account Settings > Close Account > Confirm.

    To download the historical past;

    The history can be downloaded by opening your Account and then Profile > Account Tab, Statement tab. Export CSV PDF. And you’ll get the pdf file.

    Download Cash App Payment History

    Before you block the transactions or decide to erase your Cash App account completely, downloading and saving the transaction history could be beneficial.

    Log into Your Cash App account on your smartphone or your computer.

    Click on Profile Tab and tap Statement.

    Click Now and press Export CSV.

    Additional instructions will be displayed on the screen for you to follow until you can print the transaction report.

    How to Permanently Delete Your Cash App Account

    Once you’ve finished recording your account history, you can erase the Cash App account. For this to happen, launch the app on your smartphone and then click to reveal the Profile Icon in the top-right corner of the phone’s screen.

    Then, select Support, and you’ll be presented with a list of parent topics. Select “Something Else” at the top of the list, and you’ll see the list of topics for children.

    Choose “Account Settings” near the end of the page. There will be an additional list of choices. Just tap on “Close Your Cash App Account.”

    A message will appear at the bottom of the screen, explaining what will happen when you permanently close your account. Follow the directions carefully, and if you’re sure that you wish to delete your Account permanently, click “Confirm.”

    The Account you have created will remain inactive. The history of your transactions will also be permanently deleted. Also, you must delete the mobile application on your phone when the Account is removed.

    Be aware that if you decide to launch a different Cash App, however, you will not be in a position to access the previous transactions, and you’ll need to begin from scratch.

    The year 2021 was the first time Twitter introduced Cash App as a payment option in its tip jar.

    As of the beginning of January, Cash App allowed BTC transactions.

    Things To Consider Before Deleting Cash App Account

    Before completely deleting your cash App account, you must take care of a few things to protect yourself from financial loss.

    Transfer your Cash App funds from the wallet to the associated bank account.

    If you own any bitcoin or stocks, You must sell the items before you close your Account.

    Remove your debit or credit card from the cash App account.

    Remove personal details from your profile.

    You must disable Your Cash App debit card before completely disconnecting the Account.


    In this article, to hide Cash App history, we provided three ways to delete the history of your Cash App account to hide or erase the history of transactions for good. You could keep your Cash App history before disabling your Account.

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