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How to Delete Duplicate Contacts in Google Contacts

    Created by Google, Gmail is one of the most adored and extensively used email services around the globe. The mere fact of possessing a Gmail account is sufficient to make several Google services available including Google Contacts, Google Calendar and many more.

    Google Contacts is an easy-to-use tool for managing and storing the details of your Gmail contacts. There is a web-based version as well as an Android application version. Like any other software or tool for managing contacts, There could be duplicate contacts on Gmail that make it difficult when trying to search or contact a particular individual. How do you get rid of these duplicates? There are three ways to do it.

    Why You Should Remove Duplicate Contacts?

    There are many reasons to remove duplicate contact information:

    To simplify your contact lists and help users to search for all the information you require.
    To warrant every contact’s details are recorded in a single file.
    To prevent any mishaps.
    To save time and simplify your process for managing contacts.

    Remove Duplicate Contacts in Google Contacts in Best Simple Steps

    managing contacts can be an overwhelming task, particularly when duplicate entries accumulate in the address list. It is the Cigati vCard Duplicate Removal Tool an advanced software tool designed to quickly find and get rid of duplicate vCard entries. This wizard can handle batch processing which allows users to work with diverse entries or files in a vCard at the same time, reducing both time and energy. The time has come to talk about the functions of this program. The software is sure to clear up your questions.

    Here are the Steps to Delete Duplicate Contacts in a Google Account:
    Download the VCard Duplicate Remover onto your display.
    Then, you can add either a single or numerous VCF file formats in the appropriate order.
    If you are interested, choose more advanced options as per your requirements.
    Make sure the destination location is set to save the output file.
    Then, click on the next button.

    Remove Duplicate Contacts in Google Contacts Manually

    The method you choose to use will benefit users to remove duplicate contacts within Gmail. We will now detail the steps to follow.

    The first step is to sign in with the Google account. Google first, sign in to your Google account.
    Then, open the Google App Grid and Select Contacts from Google Apps.
    After that, select next to the Merge & Fix feature from the contacts.
    Following that, all duplicate contacts will appear on the screen.
    If you wish to join the duplicate contacts click Merge.
    In other cases, you may Reject to delete the duplicate contact from Gmail.

    You can eliminate the duplicate contact from Google Accounts. Google Account together this process however, you may miss certain contacts. Additionally, the process is long-lasting as it eliminates duplicates one by one. We have an alternative strategy to address these shortcomings.

    How do you remove duplicate contacts from Android Phones together with a dedicated application?

    A dedicated application, such as Duplicate Contact Fixer and Remover is an effective way to eliminate duplicate contact that is lightweight on power and has a dependable battery. It can be utilized to eliminate duplicate contacts on Android and remove similar contacts as well. Before scanning is complete, make use of this app to create an archive of all the Android contacts.

    How do you delete duplicate or double contacts on an Android phone using duplicate contacts fixer, remover or repair?

    Download Duplicate contacts Fixer and Remover. Install the application on your Android phone.
    Install the app from your Android smartphone.
    Choose the account you would like to remove duplicate contacts for.
    Click to open the “Find Duplicates” button within the app.
    When the scan has finished it will then show your duplicate contacts listed in the list.
    Press “Delete Duplicates” to remove the duplicates that it has found.


    It’s that simple to connect Google contacts between Android as well as on a computer. The method you choose to use isn’t important. you’re planning to use. This guide has provided each step necessary to be useful to benefit you to run smoothly. There are two options: MobileTrans, your browser on your computer application, or even directly via your Android smartphone. We recommend together MobileTrans since it’s quicker and more efficient.

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