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How to Delete Minehut Server Permanently

    Minehut’s interface allows anyone to build and run their own Minecraft servers. Forging alliances or competing for quests may be a tradition of the server. Every adventure has an ending, and you must know how to end the chapter gracefully. This article will explain how you can edit, reset, or change the Minehut server versions.

    How do I delete a Minehut server?

    As there isn’t a direct way to delete a Minehut, you will need to contact their technical support for deletion. It may help you delete the server.

    There is no way to undo the deletion of a Minehut. Before deleting your Minehut Server, it is worth considering OPing a different user.

    Minehut provides a solid platform to play survival multiplayer. It is also easier for users to adjust the settings, making the game more smoothly.

    In some cases, you may delete your Minehut server. You can either remove the entire server from the list or leave it. If you find it challenging to maintain, keep the list as clean as possible. You’ll never know when your situation will change.

    Minecraft Server Deletes Player Data

    It can be accomplished in only a couple of minutes.

    To begin, go to to sign in to your account.

    After logging in, click on the “Servers”.

    Please click on “Manage again” to continue.

    To shut down the server, click on “Turn off”. You must wait for the entire process to complete.

    The server will be turned off.

    Locate “File Manager,” located on the left side tab, and select it.
    The “World” directory is located in the “Folder”.
    Search for the “player data” field and enter that.
    Locate the player you’d like to delete. To do this, encode the player’s user name to UUID.

    This is the “scale cube UUID”; deleting the value would remove the player information for the current user.

    When you find the correct user, click “More,” then ” Delete, ” and wait until it finishes.

    You can restart the server by pressing “Back.”

    Reset an existing Minehut server.

    All players’ data and backups are reset if you reset your server. Several other settings will become the default.

    Remember that restarting is irreversible, so be sure you want it.


    Go to your Minehut dashboard to start the process of resetting a server.

    You will then be able to see your list of servers.

    Choose the server to be reset.

    Select “Activate the Server” from your menu when you are ready and wait.

    After starting the server, scroll down the Settings page to find the default settings.

    A section called “Danger Zone” will be found at the bottom.

    This section may cause you to lose all progress. It is essential to be cautious when you use these tools and think about backing up the server.

    The Reset Server should be available now.

    The option described is “Completely deletes your entire server and restores backups.” “This cannot be undone, so be very careful.”

    To reset your server, click the red “Reset” button.

    Clicking the button will bring up a “Confirm Server reset” pop-up.

    The phrase you type will be used to verify that this is a complex mistake.

    Click “Reset Server” once you have entered the information.

    Immediately, you will see your server being reset. In essence, this is the same as creating an entirely new server. Everything will return to its default settings.

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