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How to Disable Download Option on YouTube Video

    Audio descriptions, often called descriptive videos, create or recount content. Material on YouTube videos. YouTube video. They are accommodating to visually impaired people and people with poor vision. However, The audio description brings more benefit to keepingkeeping track of what happens within the video. However, the descriptions could occasionally be distracting while focusing on the video, not the sound.

    YouTube (Google’s YouTube, Google’s video-sharing platform) is now offering a suggested video section to benefit you with suggestions for downloading videos. It is possible to see an ad for downloading video suggestions. If you are not planning to utilize the offline download option, Let us benefit by turning it off. Find out more about how to turn off YouTube video Downloads and Tips.


    The feature has received sufficient stick at the beginning of this piece; however, it’s a significant feature. If you’re a “fill it, shut it, and forget it” approach to the storage on your smartphone, The Smart Downloads on YouTube are worthwhile.

    This is a function that will automatically download music and videos that you’re likely to enjoy depending on what you’ve watched in the previous history. This way, it is possible to download the material, and videos you’re likely to see in the future are accessible in offline mode. It is essential to note that this feature is accessible only to YouTube Premium users.

    After we’ve established what the feature does, We’ll look into how to turn it off. Since you’re here, it’s most likely here as you advocate for the feature.

    How to Disable YouTube’s Smart Downloads Feature on Android and iPhone

    To turn off this YouTube Smart Downloads function on your iPhone or Android device, go to the Settings menu in YouTube, select “Background & Downloads,” and then toggle off the “Smart Downloads” toggle. This is how it looks:

    To begin, open the YouTube application and tap the profile icon at the bottom right corner.

    Click the gear icon in the upper-right corner.

    Within the Settings menu, select “Background & Downloads.”

    Switch off”Smart Downloads. “Smart Downloads” toggle.

    It’s that simple. You’ve turned off the Smart Downloads feature.

    How to Access Videos Downloaded by Smart Downloads on YouTube

    If you’re disconnected from the Internet, YouTube will display all downloaded videos when you begin the application. Under the Downloads section, you can scroll to the Smart Downloads section to view your automatically downloaded videos.

    1. If you’d like to test for smart downloads even when you’re connected to the Internet, Click on Library in the bottom right corner.

    2. Select the downloads feature in the Library. This will bring you to the Downloads tab, where you can navigate until you reach the Smart downloads section and then view the video clips.

    Smart Downloads on YouTube and YouTube Music

    Intelligent downloads are an excellent feature that works differently for both platforms. When YouTube downloads videos that you’ve never seen before, YouTube Music, on the contrary, downloads music albums, playlists, and playlists that you play over and over again. Instead of manually downloading, you may choose to download them from YouTube manually. Smart downloads, however, will not download shorts. You can, however, download shorts by hand via YouTube if you desire to.

    How to Turn Off Smart Downloads in the YouTube App

    Start the YouTube app.

    Click on the Profile photo on the right side of your screen.

    Press the gear wheel to set the ‘Settings.’

    Click the setting that says “Background and Downloads.’

    Switch off ‘Smart Downloads.

    If you enjoy the application loading videos in advance that you wish to view, you can limit the function. Clicking ‘Adjust Smart downloads’ opens a menu that lets you choose the amount of video storage space and download quality they are permitted to take up on your device.

    The videos are automatically downloaded in 360 p resolution by default. This option can be altered to 1080p. It also automatically reserves four GB of storage space on your device. This is adjustable by changing the amount of space to allow the feature to be utilized.

    Do I need to turn off downloading? Will it affect my video’s accessibility?

    Your videos remain available to stream and view via YouTube. By disabling downloads, you are only limited in your ability to save the videos offline.

    Are viewers still able to use third-party software to download my video content?

    Although turning off the downloading feature on YouTube will stop casual downloads, it won’t prevent people who want to download from the Internet from using alternatives to downloading your material.

    Do I have to allow downloads only to specific groups of users?

    At present, YouTube does not offer the ability to allow downloads to specific individuals or groups.

    Why To Protect Your Videos?

    If you’ve made it here, you’ve likely figured out why you need to stop video downloading. In this article, I’d like you to know why every video platform must safeguard the videos they upload.

    A video-based platform that wants to earn revenue through video content and video material constitutes its primary source of income. Their earnings depend on how many people sign up for their platform and how often viewers view their videos. However, if the material is made accessible, viewers will prefer to view it for free instead of waiting for it.

    We’ve experienced the same issue with our customers. We have seen our customers experience an identical issue before they join our company. We don’t name names. However, an academy for CAT preparation in India experienced enough material stolen. Due to their popularity, their material was promoted on each significant social media site and other websites.


    Audio descriptions can significantly benefit people with visual impairments. However, they can also frustrate you if you don’t use them. This happens on YouTube almost all the time, and your television will explain everything that takes place.

    However, in this tutorial and guide, we’ve outlined the methods to switch off or deactivate the choice for an accurate experience watching YouTube television shows and movies. In case, however, you don’t see this choice on your TV, There’s no reason to worry since we’ve listed a few solutions for resolving this issue.

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