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how to erase on procreate

    The eraser in Procreate is like a magical digital painting. Lines that are impossible to erase using traditional pencils, paper, and erasers are erased on a digital canvas using the eraser in Procreate.

    To enable Procreate’s eraser feature, you must tap the eraser icon in the toolbar’s top right. Click on the eraser icon to display brush options using the eraser. You can use one of Procreate’s brushes to use the eraser, so pick one with the same desired effect.

    It is tempting to click the eraser icon, begin erasers, and forget about it. The best part is that you can do this. The eraser is excellent in its ease of use and simplicity of use.

    However, you’ll get the best out of Procreate’s erasers if you utilize them wisely.

    Move Your Image In and Out

    Another fantastic feature of Procreate is that you can utilize your fingertips on your iPad to move the layer or image into and out or make it larger and smaller. For instance, if I want a straight edge, I’ll create the object to be huge and then use the eraser to remove it from as near to its edge as I can.
    If I want to erase an entire area, I’ll pull my image or layer out to erase it. The ability to bring an image inside and out is an excellent feature of Procreate, and it can help make sure that you remove a clean line from any layer or image, making use of this Procreate eraser.

    Brush Sizes Vs Eraser Sizes

    The size of the brushes was usually identical to the size of the eraser. Sometimes, this can be difficult for some users; it is essential to know which eraser you use when using an eraser.
    It is easy to verify this by adjusting an eraser size that is as big as you would like the eraser size to have. The sizes range from one per cent to 100 per cent. The term “100%” usually indicates that you wish or require to remove a considerable amount of space.

    What is the reason why my Apple Pencil switched from eraser to eraser?

    If your Procreate brush is constantly shifting to the eraser and you own the Apple Pencil 2, make sure you do not use the feature of double tapping turned on. It is possible to disable this feature by adjusting the accessibility settings. It’s easy to forget this feature. Apple Pencil 2 has an automatic eraser feature.

    Opacity and Eraser Tool

    Also, you must be sure to check the opacity settings before you use the eraser tool. The opacity functions like the brush tool and can change from 1% to 100%. If your opacity is at 1 per cent and the eraser is not used, it will make use of the eraser.
    Typically, when eraser-based, I prefer to increase the opacity to 100 per cent. I find this to be easier to ensure that I don’t have to review the area I’m often erasing.

    Check Your Erasing By Changing Your Background

    I employed a technique to determine how clean my erasing was in Procreate: to alter your background’s colour to white or a different colour. If you want the background to remain white, switch it back. However, I have found that changing the background to dark or different colours allows me to see areas I have not noticed.
    This change in background colour is an excellent option to see if you have issues with the erasing within the Procreate application. This also illustrates how versatile Procreate is. Procreate application is. Once you know these little techniques, make working with the Procreate app extremely simple.

    We are awestruck by the Procreate application. We have found it to be an excellent application that is highly user-friendly. Procreate app will help users design and design interior furniture and decor items for their homes.

    What is the best blend brush for procreating?

    A few among the Procreate essential brushes which are available as an example include brushes like the Gouache (under Artistic brushes), Bonobo Chalk (under Sketching brushes) and the Stucco brush (under Artistic brushes). The Gouache provides a seamless blend with the Bonobo chalk and Stucco brush to create a textured appearance.

    Does procreate have an Undo button on Procreate?

    To undo a set of actions, hold and tap two fingers across the canvas. … The Procreate can reverse as many as 250 steps.

    Is my eraser not black Procreate?

    Try to close Procreate and then clear it and all backgrounded applications by swiping up. Do a hard restart of the iPad by pressing the Lock and Home buttons until the screen is black. After that, wait a few minutes before turning on the device again.

    Is there an eraser in Procreate?

    Paint, Smudge, and Erase are the essential tools in Procreate. … Click the symbol of the instrument you’d like to use: Brush for Painting and use the fingers for Smudge and the eraser to erase. You can begin working immediately or tap to access the Brush Library and choose a brush.


    The process of erasing using Procreate is merely an issue of changing the property and attributes to suit your preferences. If you know how to draw and paint with Procreate, then you know how to erase since erasers function similarly. The significant difference is that while erasing, you are taking away pixels, while when drawing and painting, you add pixels.

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