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How to Fix Instagram Video Call?

    Fix Instagram video chat not running: Instagram provides a prominent feature, called video chat, through its direct messaging tool, which will be Instagram direct. Video chat is live and user-friendly, allowing you to chat with your followers and friends already using Instagram on iOS and Android. However, Instagram video chat may be unable to function for certain users due to various causes. Among them could be a problem with the server or a version older than Instagram or the app not working due to overflowing RAM.

    We believe that any technical glitch can be fixed by using a few simple tricks, which is why we’re here to help. In this article, we’ll provide you with a detailed explanation, including step-by-step instructions on how you can fix this issue swiftly and effortlessly for Android and iPhone/iPad users. In addition, you can review the best Instagram bio ideas that will create posts, stories, or reels more engaging.

    Why can’t my Instagram video calls not work?

    There could be several reasons why your Instagram video calls aren’t working. One possible reason is that you and your friend you’re trying to call aren’t using the same version of Instagram. Check to make sure that both have the latest version on Instagram.

    What is the fate of Instagram video calls?

    Instagram’s video calls were removed in the early months of the year of 2018. There’s no reason to know why it was taken down. However, certain people believe it was because of the low engagement of users.

    Clear Instagram cache

    The apps save data or files on their mobiles, which are then used to make them run faster. While this is beneficial to the application’s performance, the issue will come when this data is absorbed by the app and begins creating issues. This is the reason why it’s essential to clean out the cache:

    Select the setting “Settings,” located on the mobile’s main menu.

    Next, select the button “Applications as well as notifications.” On specific devices, it will say “Application control.”

    Finally, select and open the Instagram application.

    On the next screen, choose “Storage.”

    Press the icon, Grey. “Empty your cache.”

    Change Instagram’s version to the Latest Version.

    Old and incompatible versions of an app could contain some issues and bugs. However, newer versions are usually released with bugs fixed. Therefore, ensure you are running the most recent version of Instagram on your device. According to feedback from users, this method is a success.

    Here’s how to update Instagram:

    For Android users:

    Click here to go to Google Play Store.

    Tap the icon on the upper left corner to launch the menu.

    Choose My games and apps.

    Click on the Update button beside Instagram.

    Once it is completed, you will have the latest Instagram version of Instagram on your device.

    For iPad/iPhone users:

    Visit the App Store.

    Click the Updates icon in the lower right.

    Choose Instagram on the list.

    Click on the Update button to make it up to date.

    Mute the sound of the video chat.

    There is a chance that you accidentally disable the video chat of any group chat or user; however, you won’t get notifications for video calls from the user or group chat. To fix this issue, Instagram video chats that are not working, do these things:

    1. Open Instagram and navigate to the section called DM Your.

    2. Then, start the chat window with the person you want to call via video and then click on the information icon above the username on top.

    3. Turn off the switch next to Mute Call Notifications to turn off the video chat.

    What’s wrong with my Instagram video calls not working?

    There could be various reasons why your Instagram video calls aren’t working. The primary reason could be unstable internet connectivity, or perhaps you’re using an old version of the Instagram application. But, it could also be due to a server issue on the part that runs Instagram and not an issue with your smartphone. There is a chance that you have disabled the push notification feature on Instagram. This is the reason you might not get any videos on your phone.

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