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How To Get An Audible Subscription Gift For Your Family & Friends

    Many people know I’m a massive fan of books. Books are my go-to present for my relatives and friends, which is lovely. I am an avid audiobook reader sometimes, and I wish they could figure out what to present the gift of an Audible audiobook to me. It would allow me to listen to them while washing dishes or walking my dog instead of carving out huge chunks of time to reduce my piles.

    Audiobooks are great presents since you don’t have to leave home to purchase them! They prevent the piles of books from getting bigger and make your “Read” list on Goodreads to be even longer. We’ve covered the best ways to present Kindle books. This is a straightforward guide to give to those you love dearly about how to provide an Audible book.

    Audible’s subscription service, the dedicated audiobook service, allows you to download one audiobook for free every month. You can also buy as many additional audiobooks you like, usually for a lower price, selecting from more than 200 million. What better way to let loved ones benefit from such an easy experience with audiobooks? Here’s how to give Audible as a present.

    The gifting of audiobooks from Audible

    You’ll need to go to the membership gifting page via amazon or on the audible website and choose the membership package you wish to give away. You can give various credits based on the plan you are on.

    You’ll need to correct your account information by personalizing it using your personal information. Then, select the delivery method you prefer, either printing or email. If you choose to send your gift via email, the facility will be delivered via Amazon or audible via email to the address you have provided directly. However, on the other hand, if you opt for the Print option, you’ll have to print it and mail it to the recipient in hardcopy.
    You’ll need to fill in all the delivery details, including the recipient’s email address, name, address, date of delivery, and more, as well as select the design you want from the section for customizing your plan, that offers a variety of text and design formatting designs and.

    You’ll be asked to view the layout and design you’ve selected to present your membership gift audibly simply by pressing the preview button, and an open window will pop up with a preview of your layout.

    You can close the preview window by pressing the button to continue to checkout. It is located on the lower or upper right-hand side on the right side. Select the payment method you would prefer to use and then select your billing information. After that, press the confirm purchase. If you follow the steps in this five-step process, it will aid in gifting audible audiobooks.

    What can you give as a gift? Audible subscription or book

    For a single book to give for a gift, log in to your audiobook account via Mac or PC and locate the text you’d like to give away.

    On the product page where you’d like to purchase the title for yourself, choose”Give it as a gift. “Give as a gift” option beneath any other option for payments. Then follow the instructions regarding how to give the title.

    To gift your gift of an Audible Gift Membership, visit the page to gift memberships and choose the plan you’d like to give.

    The gift memberships are available in one, three, or six-month plans. They cost $15.00, $45.00, $90.00 or $150.00 each. Every membership also gives the user a set amount of credits that can be used to purchase an audiobook for free.

    Make an Audible book for a friend as a present.

    Audible was once a service that offered the option of sending books to friends by clicking the ‘Give as a Gift option. This option appears to have been removed from the website, however, since Audible is said that they’re working on providing users a better gift-giving alternative’. When writing, it’s possible to give your loved ones a book through an Audible App (for iOS here) with this feature. This Book feature.

    Start the app and navigate to My Library to access this feature on your Apple device. Choose a book (previously purchased or bought using credits) and then click on three dots to let the options appear. Select the last option that says ‘Send this Book. Choose the method you would like to transfer it to (Email or Message, Facebook Messenger, or Whatsapp).


    Don’t go to Amazon and look on Audible gifts! It will show a link that appears to be legitimate; however, it will just redirect you to the Audible website, not that of the Gift Center. However, don’t be concerned! We’ll allow you to take advantage of our free trial.

    That’s it! The link above will lead members and non-members alike to the correct location to buy memberships for the audiophile in your family. Not sure if the most loved bookworm is willing to sign up for an Audible commitment to a membership?

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