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How To Get Firefox On Chromebook Without Google Play

    If you’re looking to buy the top Chromebook 2021, you will be content to utilize Chrome OS based on the Google Chrome browser. In the end, Chrome OS is built on Google’s powerful browser for the web.

    However, as Chrome OS has matured over time, it has evolved to the point that the Chromebook can no longer be just the ideal laptop to do basic internet browsing and work. With Linux as well as Android capabilities built into the Chromebook, the Chromebook has the potential to work as a robust workhorse.

    This is also true for developers, so if you’re a web-based developer, you’re interested in more than Google Chrome. You may be more of a general user who enjoys Chrome OS but wants to use Firefox for your internet browser. The good news is that setting up Firefox on the Chromebook is simple.

    Are you able to use Firefox with Chromebooks?

    The best answer is yes. The Firefox web browser is indeed able to be utilized with the Chromebook. However, it needs an adjustment for installing the desktop version that comes with the additional capabilities. Firefox is only compatible with Chromebooks with ChromeOS 8.0 or higher. However, it is possible to have Firefox operating as an alternative web browser on your Chromebook.

    What are the reasons you would want to install Firefox on your Chromebook?

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    Chromebooks are equipped with Google’s built-in functionalities and features. This includes parts and functions that are available in the Chrome browser. Some users may prefer using the Firefox browser due to its advantages, such as Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP), so your private information isn’t disclosed to social and ad trackers. However, as a nonprofit company that owns Firefox, some might choose to utilize it solely for economic and social reasons.

    Firefox constantly adds more features. including the latest switch to move web pages to HTTPS mode for Android.

    How do you install Firefox installed on the Chromebook?

    Two options for installing Firefox on Chromebooks meet the minimal specifications (ChromeOS 8.0 or later). There’s an easy method, but another approach is more involved and provides a more robust browser version.

    It is easy to install and download it. Firefox for Android application was specifically designed for smartphones and is available on Google Play. Google Play Store. Another more complex option is installing Firefox as a Linux application.

    This option will require an additional effort but will result in a Desktop version, not those designed specifically for mobile phones with smaller screens. It also includes ETP and other security options, including built-in password management access to extensions and various customizable themes.

    It is a process that requires only a few steps that are straightforward for someone with a basic understanding of computers. This involves turning on Linux and typing a certain command, executing, and follow-up prompts that appear on the screen. Following installation, the Firefox browser will appear within the drawer of apps in the “Linux apps.” Visit the Mozilla site, the home page of Firefox, for more detailed information about installing Firefox.

    The steps below will help you set up Firefox on a Chromebook:

    1. Open the Chromebook Settings and then type in Start a search for Linux

    2. Select the option to turn on next to Linux Development Environment.

    3. Select Install to install Linux on your Chromebook

    4. Once the Linux Terminal appears, type the following command to ensure Linux is running on your Chromebook. Hit Enter.

    5. You can now install all the apps you wish to install. Look below for a comprehensive listing of available apps and their installation commands. This tutorial will install Firefox by using the following commands.

    6. Once you’ve installed a Linux application on your Chromebook and you have updated the app, do so using the command below.

    7. You can now find Linux applications on your Chromebook using the launcher.

    Install Firefox from Google Play Store Google Play Store

    Play Store is the recognized platform for installing Android and Chrome-based applications. Chromebooks and Android versions of Firefox run perfectly with Chrome OS; here’s how to download them onto your device.

    1. Launch Play Store from the Chromebook desktop or the app’s viewers.

    2. Enter Firefox into the search bar and then press Enter.

    3. Click Install for the download of the browser onto your Chromebook.

    A variety of Firefox versions are available on the Google Play Store. Firefox Browser is the standard browser version you’re looking for to download. The following are the other versions of Firefox in the following table:

    Firefox Lite, It’s the stripped-down version of Firefox, which is lighter and more efficient than standard Firefox. Consider installing Firefox Lite if your Chromebook has a low memory capacity or storage.

    Firefox Focus Firefox Focus: This is the version that focuses on privacy. Firefox offers excellent protection against various trackers: Ad trackers, Analytic trackers, and social trackers, among others. If you’re a big fan of the privacy of your online browsing or want to keep an eye on your online activities, then it’s time to download Firefox Focus.

    Firefox Nightly (formerly Firefox Preview): Firefox Nightly is an “unstable” browser variant designed to evaluate innovative and developing features. Imagine Nightly as the primary trial for the new Firefox functions: the Alpha version.

    When Mozilla launches a new feature, the browser pushes it into the Nightly version of the browser. This is where users can test the new capabilities and give feedback. The Nightly Firefox version can be unreliable and full of bugs. You don’t wish to use it as your main browser.

    Firefox Beta If Firefox Nightly’s experimental features Firefox Nightly succeed or are stable within Nightly, Mozilla ships them onto Firefox Beta. It is a second and final test ground to test new features or developments before the stable or final version.

    What exactly is Firefox ESR?

    Firefox ESR is an extended support version of Firefox, which Mozilla produces for larger companies and corporate clients. The development process of Firefox ESR is slower than the product for consumers. This means that it is an earlier version of the web browser. New features that are coming to the latest version of Firefox are expected to take much longer to arrive in this one. However, it’s a desktop-level browser.


    Although Chromebook’s Chrome browser has been chosen as the primary web browser on Chromebook, that does not mean you must remain by the browser. With the support of Android and Linux apps, users can install their preferred browser, such as Firefox. If you prefer Opera or Vivaldi, download them as well.

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