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How To Get Infinite Cookies In Cookie Clicker

    If you’re seeking this game’s top cheat codes, you’ve come to the perfect location! This wikiHow tutorial will show you how you can cheat Cookie Clicker in your web browser to allow you to enter cheat codes. It will also give you the complete Cookie Clicker cheat codes required.
    Do you wish to have endless cookies on Cookie Clicker? If you’re searching for the top cheat codes for this game, you’ve found the perfect place!
    When you begin the process that will never end, re-clicking the quality of your cookies and growing your collection, you might think there is an option to enter the enthralling world of endless cookies.
    Although obtaining an endless quantity of sweets seems to be an impossible dream, This article will help you discover a way to test the limits of what is possible and allow the accumulation of an inexhaustible supply of delicious sweets.
    Get ready to uncover the secrets in Cookie Clicker and experience the magic of cookies waiting for you.

    About the Game

    2013 was the year of the debut of Cookie Clicker, an incremental video game created by French programmer Julien “Orteil” Thiennot. The player begins the game by pressing a cookie at the top of the display. Each player gets one Cookie each time they perform. Cookies of this kind can be traded in exchange for “cursors” or different “buildings,” which, once purchased, remain in the process of creating cookies after the purchase. Cookies can be obtained through various strategies, and the game can support those methods while allowing players to improve their clicks and build effectiveness. Cookies are an element of currency used to purchase various other things in the game. Even though there’s no end in sight for the sport, participants can try to complete one of many hundred possible milestones, like collecting a specific amount of cookies.

    How to Get Infinite Cookies

    Get started with playing the Cookie Clicker game on your browser. Right-click almost anywhere on your screen and select”Inspect” “Inspect” choice.
    The Source Inspector has many tabs in the image above (Elements and Consoles Sources and Network). The only thing you must do is to click on the “Console” tab “Console” button.
    To get unlimited amounts of cookies, use this command:


    You only have to click enter, and you will be served unlimited cookies.
    Infinite cookies are just one of many methods and tricks we offer for Cookie Clickers. If you’d like to learn more about Cookie Clicker, read our “Cookie Clicker Cheats Codes and Hacks” article and discover everything related to the game.

    What is the best way to play cookie clicker?

    Once the game has been launched, the game will have a big cookie left on the screen. It is possible to click on this Cookie. A variety of achievements can be achieved when playing the game. However, there’s no conclusion to it.
    To get more enjoyment, gamers use new tricks to increase the number of cookies and buy brand-new products. So, gamers try to discover ways to hack their cookie clicker and create more cookies than they can by just clicking within seconds instead of sitting around waiting. Though promoting playing games with hacks is not advised, some do it to enjoy it.

    Try out some new tricks with the methods mentioned above. You may use other codes instead of entering the above code to have fun.


    • Codes are case-sensitive.
    • After you’ve built up many building and automatic-clicking things, think about putting the Cookie Clicker game on overnight.
    • It is recommended to back up your game before you cheat. This allows you to return to your previous state if you want.

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