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How To Get Peacock on Samsung Smart TV?

    The Peacock App gives subscribers access to various well-known television shows, movies, and NBC popular shows while allowing users to watch live news and late-night programs. If you own a Samsung TV and are considering subscribing to this app, can you put it on your television?

    It could be because of various factors if you cannot find the Peacock application for the Samsung TV. The application may not work with the Samsung TV model, as it is only compatible with models launched in 2017 or after.

    Another reason is that the application may not work on the Samsung TV, so you can attempt downloading it via the Samsung app store. The firmware may not have been updated; therefore, you can check to upgrade it via the menu settings. The Peacock application may also be geo-restricted and unavailable in your area or country.

    What is Peacock TV?

    Peacock TV is a one-stop-shop streaming service Universal offers, featuring an extensive selection of NBC comedy, dramas, sporting events, Universal Studio films, and original programming.

    The company was previously able to offer the free service, but it was recently shut down for new customers. Currently, the only way to access Peacock is by purchasing premium plans.

    How must I get Peacock for the Sony Smart TV Outside the USA?

    If you own a Sony Smart TV outside the USA and have a built-in Peacock TV, you can purchase it on Google Play or Apple App Stores with no additional setup. To install it, comply with the directions and follow these instructions:

    • In the main menu of your TV, you can go to the applications section. The second step is to connect your TV to a trusted Internet or a network.
    • After that, click the link stating “Get additional applications.”
    • Google Play Store will be launched. Google Play store will launch. The application may be downloaded through the Apps menu.
    • And with the right Arrow key, navigate to the search menu.
    • The keyboard will show up on the screen. After that, press the Peacock TV button.
    • Select the software you wish to download from the menu that appears.
    • Open the Peacock app and log in using the details provided after the installation.
    • If you are an initial user, you must sign up to create an account.
    • The long-awaited Sony Smart TV users may be able to access Peacock TV outside the USA.

    Can You Watch Peacock on Samsung Tizen OS?

    Samsung smart TVs run an operating system, Tizen OS. It’s an open-source and technology-based OS found on many technologies and devices. Alongside smart televisions, Tizen can be found in cars, smartphones, tablets, and netbooks. In all cases, there is a common thread: Samsung. The technology giant was invented (and is primarily used) by Samsung.

    Tizen OS is pre-installed for Samsung smart TVs as of 2015. It is an operating system that provides the option of installing various applications available on the smart hub. Peacock is part of this list, like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, and many more. The user can play Peacock through the application available from the Tizen OS’s home screen.

    How To Utilize Chromecast to view Peacock content on your Smart TV

    Chromecast offers a workaround if you’d instead enrol in Peacock using a smartphone or computer or don’t own an eligible television. Follow these steps to stream media via a Chromecast or Chromecast-enabled device on your mobile and intelligent tv.

    You can choose content through the Peacock application or the Chromecast-enabled browser.

    Click the Chromecast icon, select your smart TV, and start streaming.

    How do I stream Peacock via a phone onto a TV?

    If you’re running the Peacock app installed on your phone, you can stream Peacock directly from your smartphone onto your television. When you own an iPhone and Airplay, you can use Airplay to cast your TV screen. Airplay is an airplay service that is built into Apple’s iPhones. Airplay lets you link your iPhone to a variety of smart TVs. This is mirroring the iPhone screen onto your TV.

    If you’re running Android for Android, it is possible to utilize Chromecast as an alternative. It functions similarly to Airplay by casting content from your phone to another device, like an intelligent television. The first step is connecting both devices to the same WiFi network. After that, open your Google Home app and select the device you wish to cast by placing the tile with the original machine. Then, click “Cast.” Then, tap “Cast Screen”.

    Try Alternative Methods of Streaming Peacock to your Older Samsung TV

    If you own an old Samsung smart TV that isn’t compatible with Peacock, However, if you want to stream the show on your television, you can connect a compatible streaming device with the Samsung TV.

    It is also the best option for streaming Peacock on old Samsung televisions.

    You only have to find a suitable streaming device to support Peacock and then connect the device to your Samsung TV.

    There are many options for you to choose from. You can purchase Amazon Firestick, Roku stick, Comcast Xfinity, Chromecast, and Apple TV, as they all work with Peacock.

    After you’ve got one, connect the device to the Samsung television’s HDMI port. Switch your TV sources to the HDMI port you’ve connected, after which you can install the Peacock app on your streaming device, and you are ready to go!

    How do I activate Peacock TV on a Samsung Smart TV?

    1. A code for activation will appear after the confirmation procedure.
    2. Use a web browser to navigate to the site for activation to activate Peacock TV
    3. Press the Continue button after entering the activation code on the site.

    On Samsung TV, activate Peacock TV.

    1. You can stream content via Peacock TV after entering the correct code on your TV.

    What is the best way to watch peacocks on Xfinity?

    The brand-new peacock television is accessible to Xfinity customers like a lottery. Xfinity Peacock offers special premium access for its clients for no extra cost. All you require is an X1TV box (RNG150 and PaceXG1v1 models aren’t suitable) or an Xfinity flexible streaming gadget.

    By pressing the Xfinity button on the Voice Remote

    Use the left arrow to open the app menu.

    Use arrow keys for access to the Peacock network.

    In addition, you can add the word “Peacock” in your voice. Remote

    To begin with Peacock, You’ll have to input your email address. If you click OK to type in your email address, you ll notice that your Comcast email account will be displayed. Click OK, select the downward arrow, and then choose Enter an email address to create an alternative one.

    Finally, you’ll get confirmation that you can access Peacock Premium.

    Why is the Peacock app not downloaded on Samsung TV?

    If you are capable of starting to download the Peacock application for the Samsung TV, but it is not advancing or is unable to complete, your internet connection isn’t sufficient or blocked. Therefore, you should ensure you are connected to WiFi or a router.

    If you need more clarification, you can test with the other streaming platforms associated with the same WiFi connection to determine if they operate correctly. If they work without issues with the Samsung TV, try uninstalling and reinstalling the Peacock application.

    How can you install the Peacock App on a smart TV?

    Getting the Peacock application in the store for apps on your smart TV is possible, but there are some limitations.

    In the case of Vizio smart TVs and Vizio smart TVs, the Peacock app doesn’t need to be downloaded as it utilizes a cloud-based system to run all applications.
    If you are using the Peacock application using Chromecast, ensure that you install the Peacock app on your mobile device.

    Does Peacock Still work even with no subscription?

    It is necessary to sign up to Peacock for access to its services.

    Refrain from being concerned about subscription fees, as Peacock offers a no-cost plan that users can choose! It is also a 7-day no-cost trial for those who want to check out their paid subscriptions.

    What’s wrong with me? Is the Peacock app on my Samsung Smart TV?

    The Peacock app may not work with the TV you have. Peacock App will run only on models produced in 2017 or after.

    What is the reason why Peacock continue to buffer?

    This could result from a slow internet connection. A relationship with at least 3Mbps is highly recommended to ensure a smooth experience.

    How Can You Watch on Peacock?

    Peacock offers the largest selection of shows, including well-known NBC programs like The Office, Parks and Recreation, Law & Order: SVU, and Downton Abbey. In addition, Peacock features its original content, including Rutherford Falls, a Saved By the Bell relaunch, and a MacGruber TV series based on the iconic SNL sketch. Peacock users can also watch various shows and live television on Peacock.

    Other supported platforms and devices

    You don’t have to worry if you don’t own the Samsung smart TV! Peacock is accessible on a variety of different platforms and devices. It is possible to stream Peacock on other platforms and devices. Watch Peacock using web browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. Peacock is also available as an app for Android and iPhone devices. Peacock is an excellent choice for watching TV. Peacock application is suitable for streaming sticks and devices such as Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Chromecast, and Apple TV.


    This guide will help you add Peacock to your Smart TV. We’ve covered the various ways to install Peacock for Samsung, LG, Philips, Hisense, and Sony Smart TVs. We’ve also looked at other gadgets supported by the Peacock application.

    If you are not in the market to install the Peacock application with intelligent features on your TV, you can stream the video content on your phone. It is possible to additionally connect a Roku or any other streaming device to your television to experience exciting Peacock videos.

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