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how to get someone off your best friends list

    Snapchat doesn’t currently offer users the option of removing contacts from their top friend list. If you wish to see them disappear from your top acquaintances, one option is to lower the level you interact with them. You can also maintain your interaction similar to your current best friends, but you will increase your interaction with the people you wish to be their replacement.

    If you do not stop sending or receiving snaps from anyone who is currently on the list below, or become more social with your friends than you are with them, your best friends from the past will disappear (and could be replaced) in as little as an hour.

    Another way to eliminate one’s name from your Best Friends list is to block them on Snapchat and then allow them to unblock. This resets the score used to determine whether they were a top friend.

    How Long Does It Take to Get Someone Off Your Best Friends List?

    If you decide to stop communicating with the person, it can take about 10 to 15 days for Snapchat to delete them from your top list of friends. It is also contingent on how often you interact with them and how often you interact with them on their stories or snaps.

    How Does Anyone Become Your Best Friend?

    The most fundamental criteria used by Snapchat to determine if someone is in the category of best friends is how often you snap together. The more often you take snaps with them, the higher the likelihood they’ll be placed on the list of the top friends on Snapchat. I have only two most cherished friends on Snapchat as it is the sole two I consider my Top Friends actually, too. To clarify, the list of top friends on Snapchat doesn’t have to be matched with your actual life list of your best friends.

    How does the score for each Snapchatter operates on Snapchat and, in a similar way, every Snapchatter has a score based on the number of times they snap with each another. This score isn’t divulged to the users, and the information is kept with the Snapchat management, who will keep you informed via Emojis and Best Friends list, which shows you have reached the top friend status.

    How to Hide Best Friends on Snapchat?

    The third option conceals the identity of who your Best Friends are. Let’s say an individual you’ve known for a while regularly is on your phone and wants to know who you’re frequently communicating with. It’s time to implement more security, but maybe you aren’t looking to shut someone out of your smartphone completely.

    It’s impossible to conceal Best Friends on the Send To screen; however, you can conceal it on the Chat screen.

    You can disguise who your Best Friends are by changing the emojis associated with them.

    Create your profile and click the cog icon on the upper right. iOS users must select Manage > Friends Emojis, then click on the field you wish to switch. They include super BFF, BFF, Besties, and BFs. You can alter the emoji to whatever you’d like if two fields aren’t the same emoji.

    How can I alter the sequence of Snapchat Best Friends?

    Although there is no method to change the list on Your Best Friends list or even alter the list in any way, You can apply the above method to limit interactions with a specific user and to increase the number of interactions with one. This can help you decide who is on top of your list.

    Don’t Worry About Snapchat’s Best Friends.

    The fact that you’re not someone’s best Friend on Snapchat should not be a cause for concern.

    It’s possible that you don’t chat enough on Snapchat However, it doesn’t mean that you’re not great acquaintances in person. For one thing, Snapchat’s Best Friends feature doesn’t account for messaging apps, SMS, or face-to-face conversations.

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