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How to Get Twitter Blue on Android

    Twitter, now dubbed X, is an essential component of the modern world of social media, allowing users to post their ideas and thoughts and interact with the world. With more than 528.3 million active monthly users, It can be an uphill task.

    Another option to get the trust and respect of others is to use the blue checkmark. This is a sign of credibility and respect for the site. In this post, we’ll show you how to sign up for Twitter Blue and boost your chances of obtaining this blue tickmark.

    What is Twitter Blue?

    Twitter Blue can be described as a month-long subscription that allows you to experience Twitter freshly and uniquely. Compared to regular Twitter, Twitter Blue gives users more benefits.

    The benefits include the ability to edit tweets, confirm the authenticity of an NFT profile picture, share longer videos with higher quality as well as create longer tweets (up to 25,000 characters) as well as a prioritized rank (in chats and search) and a more significant limit on the number of tweets you can view (reading 10,000 tweets every day) and groups for storing your bookmarked tweets.

    Additionally, you get the blue checked mark indicating verification on Twitter, see fewer ads between tweets, and get the first access to coming features.

    If you decide to test Twitter Blue out for yourself, you can sign up for it on the internet browser and the mobile application (on Android and iOS).

    How can I verify your account via Twitter?

    Even though anyone can earn a mark on their Twitter account, Twitter Blue, there are some steps to take to get an official Twitter account.

    1. You must have an active subscription to Twitter Blue

    To access Twitter Blue, click on the link to get Twitter Blue once you’re logged in. If you’re on the web, it’ll appear in the menu on the left, while on mobile, it’ll be in your profile.

    It’s possible to purchase each year (for savings) or every month. The cost of Twitter Blue is contingent on several factors.

    Based on Twitter’s information:

    Twitter Blue subscribers who joined at $7.99 in iOS will be informed through Apple that their account is automatically renewed for one month at $11.00 or $114.99/year (or the local price) until they decide to terminate their account.

    You can sign up for Twitter Blue via Browser.

    The procedure is similar to the application’s, except for the subscription cost. The purchase from the browser is affordable; you can avail of all of the features, but writing articles isn’t available.

    Premium+ subscriptions start at INR 1300 a month, which gives you access to all services with no advertisements. Below are the steps required to obtain a premium membership via the internet.

    Click X using your browser. Then, sign in to your user account.

    Click on the Profile icon on the left side.

    Select the Premium option in the column.

    Pick a month or an annual plan from the options available.

    Select a premium plan and click Subscribe.

    Make a final payment and include the bank’s details.

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