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How to get water out of charging port

    It is possible to get water in your phone’s charger port accidentally. Your phone could be near you while cooking, running, or even taking a shower. So what do you do if water has gotten into your USB port? You can rest assured that your phone will recover without problems if you follow these guidelines.

    These tips were shared because they might be helpful for anyone who needs water from their phone charging port. These tips work no matter if you have an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or another smartphone.

    Notice: If water is in your device’s panel, we recommend that you check that it is dry. Attempting to turn on your phone while water is still inside can lead to further damage and even the complete roasting of your panel.

    How to Get Water out of Phone Charging Ports with a Fan

    A standing fan is an excellent source and a powerful way to get air. It also makes it more consistent. A fan is more concentrated than leaving it to dry on the kitchen table. Also, it’s consistent so that all charging port parts are dried quicker. After using cotton wool, dry cloth or cotton wool, it is better to put your iPhone or android in front of a fan.

    How to get water from the phone charging port using a vacuum hose

    Another option is to use a vacuum hose. This is an excellent option, as the charging ports’ water won’t damage your machine. You can use a vacuum hose to get rid of the water. Works wonders.

    First Aid to Save Your Phone From the Water

    Do not panic if your phone is accidentally dropped in the water. There are ways to save your phone if it has suffered severe damage quickly. These are the steps to take care of your phone.

    Your phone must be turned off immediately.
    Take out accessories like headphones, chargers or the phone case.
    Your phone should be upright to stop water from getting inside.

    How can I find out if I have water in my charging port
    Thinking man

    Both Android and Apple phones have moisture sensors. This sensor will tell you if moisture has been detected in the charging ports when a charger, or additional attachment, is attached.

    Apple devices will show “Charging inaccessible: Liquid has detected in Lightning connector” if a charger plugs into the machine.

    Android devices show a similar message: “Disconnect cables: Moisture is detected” or “Unplug Charger: Moisture is detected” when plugging a charge or supplementary device into a damp Android device.

    My phone is working every day, but it doesn’t make any sounds. What should I do next?

    Your phone may not be functioning correctly after being dried. Verify that there isn’t any water around the speaker. Bluetooth connections can cause the device to stop working.

    You can also check your phone’s volume level and do not disturb mode. Alternatively, you can try restarting your phone. If the phone doesn’t work, you can take it to an electronics store.


    Do not panic if your smartphone’s charging port is damaged by water. Here are the steps to take:

    You can dry your phone using a towel
    Turn your phone off
    If necessary, remove the SIM Card and Battery
    To drain water from your charging port, press down on your phone with your fingers.
    You can place your phone inside a sock and then blow cool air into it.
    After 3 hours, the charging port on your phone should be completely dry.

    Avoid cat litter, rice, silica packets and any heat source. These drying methods do not work well and can, in some cases, cause more harm to your phone.

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