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How To Hide Apps On Android

    This wiki shows you how to remove applications from the Android’s home screen and application drawer. You can easily block apps from your settings if you’re using an advanced Samsung, OnePlus, Huawei or LG-branded smartphone or tablet. If you’re using an older device, you’ll require a third-party application such as Nova Launcher to hide your applications. If you’d like to get rid of pre-installed programs that you don’t want, removing them from your settings is possible.

    Five methods to conceal applications on the Android Phone

    1. Make use of the built-in settings for hiding applications on Android
      In numerous Android smartphones, turning off apps by opening Settings and looking for hidden apps is possible. The hidden settings built into Android apps will display on the screen.

    If this setting isn’t visible in the search results, then you need to remove apps using the default settings of Android. Go to Settings, select Home screen and then select Hide apps. Click on the apps you would like to block, and then they’ll be moved to the section of hidden apps.

    Disguising Android applications using your smartphone’s inbuilt settings.

    1. Utilize app-hider applications
      There is the option of installing apps-hider software on Android phones. The top app hider apps can be downloaded directly from Google Play. Below are some apps that are the most effective available for Androids:

    Nova Launcher
    Nova Launcher replaces the home display on the Android smartphone. It lets you also block apps, sort them and then reshuffle them according to your needs.

    App Hider
    The adaptable App Hider lets you hide applications on your Android and control them from multiple accounts on your device. The icon for hiding apps is disguised as a calculator.

    Vault aims to conceal applications, files, images and videos from the Android. It also offers cloud backup and the ability to block apps with a safe password.

    1. Make use of a safe folder to secure and protect applications
      Many phones include an encrypted folder or a similar function to block apps from Android. This Samsung feature is known as Secure Folder, where you can securely hide applications, photos, and other files.

    In Xiaomi phones, there is a similar function is available. Dual apps let you clone other apps. Dual apps can’t conceal apps completely. However, by cloning the Android app, you can efficiently hide important information or account details that you do not want people to access.

    1. Utilize a guest account or private mode for hiding applications
      A Guest Mode feature found on many Android phones allows you to use your smartphone with an individual and hide applications and sensitive data within your profile. Find the guest user’s name within Settings to establish the guest profile and toggle between your Guest and personal profile.

    Even though Samsung phones do not have this option, you can set up a guest account on Samsung tablets. For setting up Guest accounts on a Samsung tablet, click Settings > Accounts, and then back up. Select Multiple Users and then select Guest. You can now toggle between different users via the Quick Settings menu, and those apps you would like to block will be secret from your guest profile.

    1. Remove apps from your device to conceal these apps
      Android app permissions let you turn off apps to hide them. This is useful when you cannot remove an app that isn’t necessary without having to root your phone (and there are many security issues with the rooting process).

    Enabled, it blocks Android applications from your display home screen. It also stops apps from utilizing the phone’s resources and prevents apps from constantly using too much background data to refresh.

    Use our steps to turn off Android apps to get started turning off applications from the Android Home screen.

    Utilize a third-party app hider.

    If you’re unhappy with the default app-hiding options, you’ll have to install a third-party application designed specifically to hide Android applications. App hider apps let users change the names or icons of the apps that appear you’re viewing or even hide the apps entirely. Certain app hiders disguise themselves as other types of apps that are not visible, such as a calendar or calculator.

    We’ll look at two of the most well-known third-party apps hiders available (remember to install any third-party apps, and always be responsible for Android security for apps).

    Launchers let you customize your mobile.
    App hiders let you configure your home screen. They usually need lots of sensitive permissions to be installed on your device -they could even appear to be malware disguised.

    How do you turn off applications on Android?

    Another option is if you cannot remove installed apps or do not want them to run in the background in any way, disabling them is possible. The method will only work with some Android interface applications or versions. However, it’s worth giving it a try.

    • Open Settings.
    • Select Apps and Notifications, then choose the app you want to delete.
    • If the menu has the option to select Disable.

    If all goes well, the application won’t appear in your App Drawer, or at the very least, will not start to run by itself. If you’d like to reinstate the app’s permissions, repeat the above steps; however, select the option to allow this time.

    Here are several methods to block apps from your Android phone. If you want to know more methods of keeping your phone secure, take the time to read our reviews of the top antivirus programs and the top cloud storage providers.

    The Wrapping up

    Hiding apps from Android is often a requirement to block kids or others from using the apps. Here are a few ways to conceal applications on Android.

    If the phone you are using isn’t able to have the ability to hide apps manually, You can opt for the apps from third parties listed in this article to get the desired result.

    To protect your phone from snooping by hand, You can also apply security applications to shield against malware, spyware and other third-party data trackers.

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